Emergency Surgery Needed

Asalafew's corrective rod has broken and needs repaired immediatley!

While traveling through Africa, the Brittany's Hope staff stumbled upon a sweet young orphan boy who had a life threatening 140 degree spinal curvature. With the help of Dr. Rick Hodes, an advocate for children with special medical needs in Ethiopia, we were able to schedule a specialty surgeon to correct the severe issue presented. Until recently, Asalafew had been flourishing with his new found posture.

In a very rare turn of events, the rod in Asalafew's back broke and is now causing him severe pain. He must now undergo emergency corrective surgery, so our team is doing / will do all we can to schedule and raise the funds necessary to again secure this young boy's future.

Current estimates have put the surgery and associated expenses at over $16,000, a tenth of what it would be in the United States. Slightly more technical details follow in an email from Dr. Hodes regarding Asalafew's current situation.

As you can see from the x-rays, Asalfew has broken his rod. This means that there is an underlying non-union (failure to heal issue) which needs addressed.

Because he is in pain, it made the matter an emergency, and Dr. Boachie (the head surgeon) said he could schedule Asalafew into the next round of surgery, then revise his rods with BMP to help things fuse. (BMP = bone morphogenic protein). Dr Boachie realizes that raising funds is quite difficult and is extremely conscious in keeping costs low.

The Ghana team has operated on over 100 of our patients, this is the first time we have had such a complication. I am unsure how often this happens; with luck and fortune, Asalfew will only need this one additional surgery.
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