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Have you ever wondered what our granted children do after they come home to their forever families? We asked some of our Britt's Kids how they're doing and received some great letters!


When we brought Adam home, we were met at the airport by our daughter and the two of them immediately took to one another, walking hand in hand out of the airport. It is difficult to describe the gratification and feeling of blessedness as we witness our son's assimilation.

Our biggest challenges for us has been learning a new language and adjusting to having siblings. We have made incredible leaps and bounds with being able to understand each other. He loves his veggies and anything with noodles! His favorite color is green and loves drawing.

He loves to be outside, playing in the sandbox digging in dirt, riding his bike, or just enjoying a nice day. Adam is a family guy who loves spending time with family and meeting new family members!

Thank you for the significant role you played in making our hopes of adding to our family a reality. Without your aid and encouragement it is doubtful whether or not we would have ever been able to navigate the adoption process, let alone bring home Adam. In hindsight it is quite humbling to consider the number of people involved in helping us be able to fulfill the desire of our hearts. your provision of a Seedling Gift grand is an example of this.


Elias is a precious four year old boy that waited in an orphanage for a little over three years for a family to bring him home. His life radiates with joy & his smile is out of this world. Without a doubt the Lord sustained him for such a time as this. Since coming home he is thriving. He is learning to sign, can say a few words including Ababa (daddy) which he says all day long! He can scoot on his back & roll on his side. He has so much potential, he just needed a chance. He loves his big family & we all love him dearly. We are humbled that the Lord chose us to help him be all he was created to be. He definitely lets his light shine brightly for the world to see!

We will be forever grateful for Brittany’s Hope. Your organization is amazing & makes a huge difference in so many lives. Thanks again for making it possible for us to bring home our son.  May God bless each one of you abundantly!


It took over two years to adopt Charlie. I even spent two months in Uganda, living with him before we could return home. During that time, I skyped my husband and children. It was priceless hearing my children interact 7,800 miles apart and seeing their bond start to form.

At first, Charlie needed to learn how to function within a family, but we hit the ground running and haven't looked back. Just two weeks after arriving home, we took Charlie on a trip to Disney World. He had such a great time and began looking forward to future family vacations.

At home, Charlie enjoys playing outside. His free time consists of t-ball, basketball, and playing with his older brother and sister. He also loves bouncing on the trampoline and blowing bubbles.

He is a joy. Seeing the world through his eyes has been an amazing gift for all of us. His laughter joined with that of his brother and sister provides such a sweet euphony of happiness.

Brittany’s Hope provided us, a normal family in a small town in Maryland, with a very important gift by giving us an adoption grant. We were able to adopt because of this gift. We will forever be grateful for that. Thank you, on behalf of all former orphans for making the dream of a family a reality!


Aliyah is a determined little girl who will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to, because we will always be standing right beside her cheering her on. Our little one waited for over a year on the special needs list for a family and would probably still be waiting if we had not received financial assistance from Brittany’s Hope. 

Our daughter is doing very well and now has orthotics for both of her legs, which helps with her stability. She has many delays and even though her progress is slow, she is making improvements in every area. Even at the young age of 5, we started homeschooling and began work on her preschool studies. 

Since coming home, Aliyah has had so many firsts. There have been the big ones like her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthday at home, and lots of other important firsts as well. Special ones that come to mind are her first visit to the zoo, Sunday School class, and her first play date with friends in her own home. She'll have another first in a couple weeks, her first dance class.

Aliyah loves to watch her big sister dance and tries to learn all the moves, even though she has limitations with her cerebral palsy.  The dance studio is so excited to let her attend as they have made several accommodations for other kids with special needs to excel to the best of their abilities.

Thank you all for allowing us the pleasure of becoming Aliyah’s family through your generous grant.  Our lives are forever changed by adopting her, as was hers, but WE are the lucky ones for sure!


Our family’s journey to bring Jonathan home ended up being much longer than we anticipated, which meant our adoption costs were going to be substantially higher than we originally planned. However, a grant from Brittany’s Hope was a very welcome gift that helped us complete our adoption journey.

When we brought our son Jonathan home, he began adjusting almost immediately. His playful character and sweet spirit have been an amazing blessing for us, and we are excited to see what he will do with his life as he grows up.

Since he’s been home, Jonathan loves to participate in school activities and looking through books in his room. He also enjoys coloring, writing, playing with cars and riding his bicycle.

We’re so grateful that there’s an organization like Brittany’s Hope who are searching to partner with families who want to bring orphans into their families. Thank you for being such an important part of our son’s life and our family’s story.


I recall hearing the expression, “you won’t remember what it was like before you have your child” and I can honestly say I truly feel that way with Pia.  It is hard to remember life before she was in all of ours. 

When she first came home from Korea, we wondered how she would translate to English, since she had a very large Korean vocabulary.  Little did we know learning to speak English wouldn’t be a problem at all, as she loves to talk!

She has created this amazing bond with her ‘oppa’, big brother that is an awe-inspiring phenomenon to have the pleasure of watching grow and flourish over time.  She has taken on her role as a little sister so seamlessly.

Pia is a happy, smart and loving little girl.  Adding her to our family has been an amazing blessing, as our days are brighter and our lives are surrounded with joy and happiness.


A note from Camellia's Mom: Camellia's speech has been slow to develop, but we had been warned of this in her pre-adoption reports. After consulting with the international adoption specialist at Children's Hospital, we were reassured that speech delays would be expected given a child with Camellia's conditions. I have to say that we are so relieved to know that her mind is working. She understands most of what we tell her and is able to follow simple directions. Oddly, the directions she seems not to understand are things like be quiet, sit still, don't move, or don't touch. However, if we ask her things like whether or not she wants to go bye-bye, have a snack, go potty, watch a TV show, or have a hug, she immediately responds.

Speaking of hugs, this little sweetie is growing to be so affectionate. She has allowed us to hug and kiss her since she came home and would also return the affection, but now she is initiating these acts of love...frequently. One thing she has learned to say that would melt any parent's heart is, I love you." I really feel like she's beginning to understand what that means, as she will come up to me and embrace my legs or reach for me to pick her up and then wrap those tiny arms around me and say, "I love you." She is also saying this to her big brothers and sister. This morning as we were picking the kids up from their classes at church, she ran up to Jack, threw her arms around him, and said, "I love you!" Her little kisses are oh so sweet, though we tease her about wiping our kisses off. It's almost become a game; if I kiss her, she immediately looks at me with that ornery smile and very dramatically wipes her mouth. When I tease her and say, "Don't wipe off my kisses," she giggles and wipes some more.

Though her speech is not where a typical 4 1/2 year olds should be, she is picking things up. She is very good about please and thank you. Unfortunately, one expression she has learned from the other three is, "I don't know." She's gotten to where she can say it pretty clearly. If she does something she shouldn't have done and we ask her why she did it, you can guess the answer. She must figure if it works for the other kids, then hey, why not! We have often joked that we should have named Jack, Ian, and Chloe: Not Me, Because, and I Don't Know.

Much to her daddy's pleasure, Camellia enjoys a good tickle. She almost asks for it in her special little way. She has developed a new phrase which makes me chuckle every time she says it. When she's getting tickled, she'll shout, "Stop it, Mama!" or "Stop it, Baba!" Then she'll tease us for more. I think she just likes feeling like she's in control.


There are truly no words to express our gratitude for being awarded a Seedling Gift grant, which helped unite us with our son.

This little boy has changed our lives in more ways then we could ever have dreamed. He has a smile that can light up any room and we have yet to meet a person who doesn't get completely caught up in the joy that just radiates from him.

Konnor has been home with us for a little over a year and just celebrated his 2nd birthday (first with his forever family). He has been such a blessing to our family and we are so grateful every day that we were chosen to be his parents. He has come so far in just a year and Brittany's Hope helped make it all happen!


Even though Tommy's right leg is in a cast, we can barely keep up with this boy! He sings, dances and tries to play piano. He likes to wrestle Daddy and play rough house with the dog. He brushes his teeth really well, reads his bedtime book and recites his prayers as if he's known them for years. He knows the names of everyone in our family, and won't go anywhere without kisses from each one. He has been terribly busy with doctor's appointments to increase his mobility, gait and balance. Next, we'll be working on the usability of his right arm and hand. He's come such a long way in the last 90 days; it's beyond amazing.

When we were first introduced to Tommy , he was diagnosed with schizencephaly, hemiplegia, aphasia and facial palsy. So, he was not walking, not talking, not using his right side at all, and had a droopy face. That was a little more than a year ago. In that time, he's learned to walk (precariously), begun talking (in fragments), and occasionally recognizes that he DOES have a right hand.

Tommy really loves food! If there is something that he doesn't like, we haven't found it yet. I don't know whether he has a specific favorite, but he is really fond of hot meals. Regardless though, he'll eat cold meals, green meals and anything in between.

Everyone we know is amazed at the progress that Tommy has made and continues to make. He is a happy and energetic kid and we couldn't be happier that God placed him in our family.


It is so hard for us to believe that Liam has been home for one year already! He has fit right into our family. He is thriving! He loves to play outside and ride his bike, his gator, and his flying turtle. He played soccer this past spring and he loves to swim! He loves his new brother and two sisters. He tells everyone, I lub my new mommy and daddy! Hearing those words each day melts our hearts. Liam is a very strong willed, independent child who has taught our family so much about love and selflessness.Our biological children, Moiya, Keely, and Lachlan, are so proud of their adopted brother and have shared that with their teachers and friends.They are educating others about how wonderful adoption is.

Everyone tells us that we saved him and how lucky he is to be in our family, but we are the ones who are blessed by him! Each time we see those almond eyes disappear with his smile, we know that Liam belongs in our family forever. A little boy from a far away land, God chose us to hold his hand.


Sophie's mom reflects: Sophee is a joy! She is the perfect compliment to our family and we cannot imagine our lives without her. She makes our lives better, she encourages us with her ability to overcome her visual impairment as she does not let that hinder her life in any way.

Sophee had a cataract surgery and lens implants before we brought her home. The surgery was done incorrectly causing her to be blind in one eye and leaving the other severely impaired. Luckily, the doctors in the US were able to repair the original surgery and restore partial sight in both eyes. She is learning to use the vision that she does have with the help of a vision specialist. She is learning to wear her glasses to help with that also. Although she has endured hardships with her vision, you would never know. Sophee is a very special little girl who has a contagious joy all day of every day.

Her energy is amazing. She sings all day long and can usually be found close to a radio. She just recently taught herself to swim and can't get enough time in the pool with her siblings and cousins.

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