2010 Britt's Super Kids

Where are they now?

Have you ever wondered what our granted children do after they come home to their forever families? We asked some of our Britt's Kids how they're doing and received some great letters! If you would like to keep up to date with our Super Kids, subscribe to our email list today!

Maria & Cristian
From Cristian and Maria's dad: Cristian and Maria are doing well in the four months that they have been home. So many of the things that we take for granted, such as electricity 24/7, hot water or grocery shopping are still amazing to them.

They devour macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches, both new foods to them. They love bread, cereal, potatoes, meat and fish and almost every fruit. They both like chocolate, and thought they had hit the lottery when Linda took them to the U-Pick strawberry farm!

They both seem to enjoy math in school, but I think a lot of that is because the numbers look the same in either language. Cristian will be going into fourth grade this fall. Maria will be in third grade this fall.

Now that it is summer vacation, they have started to play outside, and love to ride bicycles! We went through two pairs of training wheels for each of them in about a week, and then they were off and pedaling like the wind! We are signing them up for a summer parks program that will allow them access to swimming pools (they haven't learned to swim yet, but sure love to splash around!), playgrounds and field trips. Last Saturday they went to a Kid's Fishing Day, and caught their first fish! They sure aren't afraid of worms! They both love kicking balls in the yard, and are looking forward to playing in a soccer league.

Habtamu has been home from Ethiopia since 2008 and is adjusting beautifully. He learned to swim, loves to mountain bike on trails near his home, and had his first friend sleep over! He made the Honor Roll at school and is staying active with soccer. He is hoping to start playing football in the fall!

There have been two major challenges since his homecomming, most recently regarding his health. A heart murmur was discovered by his doctor, which led to the discovery of a very low white blood cell count. Fearful of luekemia, he was tested at the Mayo Clinic, and they were able to rule out the possibility and comforted his parents with a healthy result.

Habtamu went through a season of anger when he came home. The transition stirred up many emotions that he was unable to understand and therefore seeked counseling to better cope with his lonliness. Since then he has been very happy, telling people that he is allergic to school but still studying hard. He is also involved in an after school program called "Campus Life" and has been energetic towards it and his fellow students.

In February he received an Irish Setter puppy, named Jackson. They do most everything together and it has been very healing for him. It has given him another living thing to care for and that keeps him going and happy from day to day. They are inseparable!

Yi Fu, now known as Joseph, has been home from China for two years. Joseph was adopted when he was critically ill with a severe heart defect called tricuspid atresia.

By far, the greatest challenge for him so far has been his open heart surgery that was performed just 4 days after arriving in the United States. Joey was given a new chance at life when US doctors rerouted blood into his lungs so he could breathe at a higher oxygen level. He was wheeled into surgery a distinct blue color and arrived back from surgery a pretty shade of pink. Whoever said “pink is for girls”...has never met Joseph!

Joseph is now 3 years old and is challenging life in every way. He is unhindered by his shortness of breath and tries to keep up with his older brother and sister in all that they do. If you met Joseph, you would never know he had a heart defect! He is a go-getter and finds lots of trouble as well. He is a great snuggler and loves Spiderman!

Joseph went back into surgery recently for his second open heart surgery. Joseph will never be cured, but his life expectancy is very long and he is our little miracle!

We are so happy to call him our son and we look forward to each day with him as another blessing!

Joseph and his family recently welcomed another
Brittany’s Hope granted child into their homes and hearts!

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