2011 Britt's Super Kids

Where are they now?

Have you ever wondered what our granted children do after they come home to their forever families? We asked some of our Britt's Kids how they're doing and received some great letters! If you would like to keep up to date with our Super Kids, subscribe to our email list today!

Ezekiel has Down Syndrome and a Heart Defect which is why he needed a forever family so badly. Now that he has come home, he couldn't be a happier little boy. With family, he is a major cuddler, constantly in mommy and daddies arms. Around strangers though, he is shy and stays close to family. He brightens up every room he enters and his parents cannot imagine their family without him!

Currently, Ezekiel is learning sign language to better communicate. He knows dozens of signs and three or four words that he uses properly so far. Ezekiel and mom! He absorbs all of his surroundings and information like a sponge; it won't be long until he can hold whole conversations.

He loves to swim, going to church, eating and playing with his siblings. He gets really excited whenever we are having any kind of noodles and can't keep his eyes away from "The Backyardigans" and "Yo Gabba Gabba."

Nasko & Sevdalin
A big, bright smile!Nasko & Sevdalin's mother shares the joys & struggles of their new family.
The end of January marked the end of our first year with Nasko and Sevdalin as part of our family. This year has been full of ups and downs for them, us and our biological children. When we first brought the boys home, they had no ability to communicate with us and no concept of how to be a part of a family. As we look back on the past year, we are so grateful for the changes we see in both Nasko and Sevdalin. We have finally reached a point where we can all play games together, go for bike rides and laugh around the dinner table. In the past year, both boys have learned to swim, play on a soccer team and are now beginning to read English. We are thrilled to see them doing things they had never done during the 8 an 9 years they lived in Bulgaria.

Learning how to be a part of a family and showing kindness and respect to others has been difficult for the boys. They are also pretty far behind developmentally, so simple things like learning their ABC's, basic addition and reading have been very challenging.

Both of them are huge fans of pizza and ice cream! Nasko really likes to read, watch Curious George and ride his bike. Sevdalin loves math, Mickey Mouse and playing UNO with the whole family. It has been a tough year of adjusting for all of us, but we are really bonding and couldn't imagine a life without these wonderful boys.

Amelie's mother shares the joys of parenting a driven young girl with autism. Amelie arrived home from Haiti in late November of 2008. She had just turned five. Amelie has autism and global delays. She was, at that time, nonverbal and lacked potty training. Today, Amelie tells knock knock jokes. She is 100% potty trained and just brought home a finger puppet which she drew and cut using special scissors. She can count up to ten objects, knows her alphabet by sight and sound, plays Connect Four with peers from her mainstreamed first grade class at school, and understands concepts such as up, down, in, out, front, and back. She shows concern for other people, can sit through a movie, enjoys restaurants, malls, and can pass through crowds without becoming overwhelmed. She can dress herself and is trying to tie her own laces. She rides a Big Wheel like a pro.

Amelie attends a wonderful new, challenging, and innovative program at her public school and is taught by a specialist in Autism. Amelie loves this school so much that she runs to the bus each morning singing, and cries as she watches the bus leave for the day. She is eager to learn. She wants to do small chores such as stirring a bowl or drying plastic cups. Singing is a part of her heart and soul, and she sings often and on key. She will have all the people on the school bus singing.

Every day is a miracle with Amelie. She is determined to succeed. Her biggest challenge is her speech. When she is finally able to pronounce every sound clearly, there will be no stopping her. Her future is so bright!

Never for a second did we think that progress would be limited for her at five. We kept expectations high, and she has met each one in time. We keep adding small challenges. She receives tons of praise and hugs. She is very affectionate. We tried the casein-free, gluten-free diet, but discovered that it really didn't make a difference for her. Her appetite is hearty, and she now is able to eat and chew anything.

Allan is a blessing to everyone he comes in contact with. He has a personality bigger than life and a love for everyone that will melt your heart! He came home to his mom in late 2010 with severe Hemophilia and significant hearing/speech loss. In the short 9 months that he has been home, he has been surgically implanted with a Port for easier injections. He was also fitted for his new hearing aid and has started pre-school where he receives speech therapy every day. The biggest challenge he has faced thus far is his "Factor" treatments but he is learning that it's a part of his daily routine.

Allan will soon be 5 years old and is active in every way. His family often jokes that no one ever told him he was sick or 'special needs' and so he has no idea that he should be. Allan's favorite activity is riding his 4wheeler. He loves corn, the color orange, art class in school and any TV time he can slip past his mom. He is always ready for a new adventure, life in the fast lane and activities galore - much like his momma.

Connor is doing great! He has bonded very well with his parents and his medical issues are well controlled. He is 4 and a half years old and attends pre-school. He loves to travel, especially to the beach, and loves anything that has to do with music. He is very personable, outgoing and social. He has some troubles listening and following directions at school because of how head strong he is and his need to be in charge. Other than his three surgeries, this has been Connor's biggest challenge with his new family.

His favorite food is rasberries, color is brown and subject in school is music. He loves to watch "Fresh Beat Band" on TV and enjoys relaxing and spending time with his forever family. His parents are over joyed to have him home and part of their life and they think that he feels the same. They are a very happy family!

Ji-uk is doing really wonderful. His family is so happy to have finally brought him home. He is making progress and "catching up" day by day. He is cuddly and has a great laugh! Ji-uk possesses an inner strength that was cultivated during his battle to survive extreme premature birth. He is a wonderful son and little ray of hope!

He is twon now and enjoys playing with his little sister and two brothers. Ji-uk loves being part of his family and the feeling is surely mutual. His community has welcomed him with open arms. He still enjoys all that is Korean (music, cuisine, cartoons and toys) and he loves American life, expecially macaroni and cheese!

Ji-uk's biggest challenges have been overcoming the effects of being born as a micro preemie. He was born under 30 weeks gestation and under 3 lbs. He has some difficulties at times and is easily upset. He is very sensitive to change, has sensory issues and struggles a bit to communicate. Ji-uk is now receiving services to help him learn to communicate and to navigate more fully in the world around him.

Ji-uk LOVES all things with wheels! Trains, cars, trucks, busses and even farm equipment. You name it, he wants to see it, drive it or play with it. He also really likes dogs! He can spot one from a mile away. Sometimes he breaks into a full on barking and howling session while driving with his family.

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