2012 Britt's Super Kids

Where are they now?

Have you ever wondered what our granted children do after they come home to their forever families? We asked some of our Britt's Kids how they're doing and received some great letters! If you would like to keep up to date with our Super Kids, subscribe to our email list today!

Mindee & Andrew
A note from Mom: Both Mindee and Andrew are so very smart. Mindee is currently attending a special pre-k three year old class and doing really well. They love to play together and have an extra special time when they stay at home with their Daddy.

When Andrew came home it was challenging for Mindee to adjust to having a brother. It didn't take long for the two to become inseparable. Mindee loves pink, dancing, team Umizoomi, horses and anything princess. Andrew just wants to be with his sister. We are so grateful for our family. Brittany's Hope played a huge role in bringing our children home. For that we will be forever grateful.

A look into Zeke's life through his Mom's perspective: It was challenging to adopt Zeke at 3.5 years old (later to find out he was at least a year older) as opposed to our previous, younger adoptions. He has struggled with trust longer than expected, but we work on it as a family and wouldn't change it for the world. Seeing new experiences through his eyes has been incredible. We have been teaching him about animals and showed him a chicken the other day. Now all birds are chickens to him! His brain has been absorbing so much information and he is just thriving in our home.

Zeke experienced his first camping trip this June. It was amazing to see him enjoying smores and catching his first fish! His smile was literally a mile wide. Today we went to a garage sale and we had an icee. "Yum-Yum, Mom" is what he said. As an older boy who has never had a mom's love, his kisses are extra special! He loves with his whole heart, not at first though. He guarded his heart very carefully, but now, oh my how much love there is to share.

We are so blessed to have been helped by Brittany's Hope. Without the grant, I am not sure we would have proceeded as money was so tight. Thank you, Brittany's Hope!

JiaQun's mom reflects on the past year: The kids are very involved in the community. All three of them are highly active in Cavan's organization, Socks for Vets. JiaQun LOVES visiting the Veterans and it has actually been an amazing cultural exchange because a great deal of the Vets we visit fought in the Pacific during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. At first, they had preconceptions of our little angel bear, but soon came to be one of the favorites at the Veteran's homes. It's pretty amazing.

JiaQun's greatest challenge has been his health and development. He is struggling to understand what we tell him. He knows words, but doesn't understand how to use them. That is so frustrating for him, especially when something is wrong. As his family, we struggle too because we want to know what is going on and how to help him.

JiaQun loves visiting the Vets, animals, and feeding the homeless. Loves it. I think it is all of the socializing. :) He also loves cars. Anything to do with cars and he is there.

Yo Shen
Yo Shen is doing great! He's in kindergarten and is thriving. He's already been in our local paper with his kindergarten class 3 or 4 times and he's always front and center in the photos - he's a ham! He is friendly, outgoing and full of life (which is the meaning of 'You Shen' in Mandarin, by the way!). We're pretty introverted people, but he is a complete extrovert and has forced our whole family OUT! He still has some surgery ahead this summer, but he faces life without fear.

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