A Letter From Dai

"To my forever family out there, I hope my letter finds you healthy and happy. We have not met yet, but I know you are out there somewhere. I want to write about my life and share it with you. My name is Dai and I am 15 years old. I was born into a poor family. My mother is deaf and mute and my grandparents are old and weak. I came into this world without a father figure in my life. Because of my family situation, the House of Love has become my home for the past six years. I have a good life here, but I still long to have a family.

I want very badly to have a father to love and guide me through life. It would be a dream come true to have a father and a family to run to like many other kids my age. Being at school has been a privilege, but it also hurts my heart every time I see my friends getting out of school, throwing themselves into their parents’ embrace. It is in those moments I feel the most alone and isolated.

I know I am luckier than many others to be at House of Love; however, at night I still dream of one day having a family. In my dreams I get to experience the love of a family, where we gather over a meal and chat with each other about school, about work, or what’s on the TV news headlines. When I wake up, the warm feeling quickly disappears and all I have left is my hope that my dream will one day come true.

Although I haven’t gotten to know you, or see you in person yet, I know you are out there. I will continue to pray until the day you come for me. It will be a special day, because I will get to say those sacred words — “Mom & Dad”, have fun with my siblings, and fulfill my dream of a family that I had been longing for.
Your son,
Nguyen Van Dai"

There is a special family out there somewhere, we know it. That’s why Brittany’s Hope has pledged a $10,000 grant toward his adoption. If you are a qualified family, understanding and experienced with older child adoption, consider bringing Dai home, or donate to our Special Needs Adoption Grants and be part of Dai’s homecoming.

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