Against All Odds- An Older Child Searches for His Family

Last spring, at this time, much of our attention was focused on a handwritten letter and a picture of a 15-year-old boy, Dai, from our sponsorship program in Viet Nam. Dai had bravely written to express his deep yearning to find his forever family.

We were all committed to advocating for Dai, so all options were explored. We sprang into action raising funds toward a $10K adoption grant, making phone calls to families, and even publishing his letter.  As a teenage boy, time was running out for Dai; he had less than 6 months before becoming ineligible for adoption. Despite our efforts, we knew that failure was a distinct possibility.

Against all odds, you made it possible for Dai’s dream to become a reality. On January 6th, his family made the long journey to Viet Nam and brought Dai home. He now has the support of a father, the camaraderie of a sister, and the love of a mother.

Dai’s mother recently shared with us, “In the Brittany’s Hope Spring 2017 newsletter, Dai wrote a letter to his future forever family — and we are now that family! While Dai was praying for a forever family, we were praying for a son." Dai has been home for a little over 5 weeks, is adapting well and making friends. It has been wonderful to see the close bond between Dai and his younger sister, Siobhan.

We immensely enjoy sharing Dai’s new firsts, like experiencing snow for the first time! Although he doesn’t enjoy the cold weather, he is fascinated by snow and built his very first snowman. Dai recently told us that his greatest desire is to attend a college or university to further his education. He thinks this is a tremendous opportunity American children have that most children in Viet Nam will never experience.”

Dai’s family is grateful and blessed to become this family of four. Without the support of Brittany’s Hope donors, sponsors, and advocates, Dai would not have been able to have the wonderful opportunities in life that now await him. Now, his family can experience the joy of helping him become the best he can possibly be.