House of Love Flood Crisis

Our House of Love located in Cam Ranh, Viet Nam, is a peaceful, safe community surrounded by rice patties and mountains, serving as a home to over 93 children.  Even with its unique beauty, this particular region is known for its flooding and its most recent disaster is by far the worse this area has ever seen.

Ten years ago, you built a retaining wall to fend off and repel these raging flood waters, strong enough to overpower and carry away our youngest toddlers. With each passing year of these furious waves repeatedly crashing upon this barricade, it has rapidly deteriorated its barrier of safety.

The Sisters have been losing sleep from their worries, as their fears overwhelm them about how they will continue to protect the children.  The cost is just over $8,000 to rebuild the damaged sections of the wall and have it fortified to withstand the constant barrage of these torrential waters.

Your gifts in the past provided a sense of security, but now that feeling is being swept away by these intense flood waters. Your donation will deliver the strength to get through their days without concerns of how the kids will be protected.