Another Child Home: Levi

During February, this month of love, we’d like to share with you, the tremendous impact you have made throughout the years. To date, you’ve brought 1,374 kids home and have provided over $7M in adoption grants – that is powerful love at its finest!

“Brittany’s Hope was with us every step of the way through our journey. They were committed and shared our passion for bringing our son, Levi home. They are kind, helpful, and were genuinely dedicated to helping us.”

Your hearts are warm, compassionate, and interwoven into so many lives. You’ve provided 1,374 kids a devoted family, where they can see and sense the hero within them.

“Brittany’s Hope’s efficiency and support made what could have been an overwhelming task, a fun and successful journey. We are so grateful for the huge blessing they brought to our family. Their generosity and hard work made our adoption possible. We are forever grateful!”

Thank you for allowing Levi to be loved, as you have been loved by your family.