Another Child Home: Flora

We’ve recently received an update from a family who wanted to share their appreciation with all of you – again. “This journey was much longer and more arduous than we had anticipated. Although there were many challenges to overcome, the financial hurdles were probably the most daunting…the adoption costs imposed on us a substantial burden…but, Brittany’s Hope came along when we really needed help! Thank you so much for your generosity.”

Your huge hearts continue to unite children with their forever families, because there truly is no price which can be placed on love – it’s given unconditionally.

“…we are absolutely thrilled with how well Flora has done. She is a very sweet, gentle, little girl and we feel so lucky to be her parents. Although the past seven months have been challenging for all of us, Flora has been adjusting very well to her new home, attaching to us as her parents, learning a lot of English, and even learning how to tolerate the dog (ha ha).”

We can only imagine what their days must be like, but we do know the love they have for one another is endless. “…in the midst of all the other tedious and stressful tasks we encountered throughout our adoption journey, Brittany’s Hope refreshed our hopes, expectations, and helped keep us on firm financial footing for when we returned home with Flora Sun.”

There’s one less orphan in the world – thanks to you! “Words really cannot adequately express our gratitude for your help. The resources Brittany’s Hope provides to adoptive parents are greatly needed. Without you, many wonderful parents would not be able to bring these children into loving homes. Please accept our genuine heartfelt thanks.”