Another Child Home: Winnifred

One never knows what the New Year will bring, but for Winnifred, it has brought her a loving family. And, this isn’t the first time Winnifred’s family has been interlaced with ours.

“This is the third time Brittany’s Hope was a critical part of making one of our adoptions possible. Three blind orphaned girls from China have become part of our family because of the generosity and dedication of the people at Brittany’s Hope.”

Because of your endearing hearts and tremendous love of children, you have given three beautiful girls a family – their forever family. Let that sink in a moment…we all know the importance of our family members and what they bring to our lives and now, Winnifred and her sisters, have that same sense of significance

“By helping adoptive parents with such a substantial amount of money to pay for adoptions – which are so expensive and are often stopped or never even started because of the financial hurdles which need to be overcome – Brittany’s Hope is changing the lives of orphans and helping families grow through adoption. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done.”

Winnifred is living in the moment, has a permanent home, and a family who adores her – thank you!