On His Way: Mickey

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As we are thinking about our What-ifs, we can’t help but wonder: What if Mickey wasn’t adopted? Mickey is a special child for whom we’ve been advocating for over two years. With his dire medical condition, we have been wondering “what if” he didn’t have donors and a family fighting for him - it’s just too difficult to imagine.

Because Mickey’s story has resonated with so many of you, we don’t have to think about “what-ifs.” You rose to the arduous challenge of making sure he received the proper medical care for his physical ailments. You began reaching out to your circle of friends asking for financial gifts to help fully fund his adoption grant. You continued your advocacy to make sure Mickey had what every child deserves – a family.

This is only one example of how you have changed the outcome of that pressing question – “what if?” To think of key moments in Mickey’s life which may not unfold is incomprehensible. Visualizing his first step, feeling his first embrace, and hearing his first spoken word. Once unthinkable, but now possible, because of you.