Pre-Adoption Commitments

Adoption Grant Agreement

Sign, notarize, & mail one copy to:
Brittany’s Hope
1160 N Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

Online Submissions

Family Profile (brief family history)
Family Photo (family before adoption)


Families need to fundraise a minimum of one-half (1/2) of their awarded adoption grant

Personalized fundraising webpage:

Submit an appeal of 200 or fewer words
See your fundraising progress on our webpage
Send out via social media, e-mail, or letter to friends, family, colleagues, & church members


We are happy to assist you in your fundraising efforts:

Tax-deductible information
Request brochures
Ask for fundraising ideas

For fundraising support email:

Post-Adoption Commitments

Complete within six (6) weeks of returning home

Online Submissions

Photo of Child(ren)
Thank You Letter to our Board of Directors for your awarded adoption grant
Assessment about our Adoption Grant program & your Adoption Agency

Unite A Family

Give a child with special needs a chance to grow up in a loving family through adoption.

Sponsor A Child

Provide nutrition, medical care, education, and encouragement to an orphaned child.

Be An Advocate

Volunteer and spread awareness for children in need worldwide.