A Message from Our Executive Director

Mai-Lynn Abel Sahd, MSW
Adoptee, Viet Nam 1995
Executive Director

Joyful greetings,

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” I truly believe that sentiment. It’s a time when we think about what sparks joy in the hearts of others, appreciate our families a bit more, and hug our kids a little tighter.

At Brittany’s Hope, it’s also a time when we reflect on the significant life-changing impacts you have helped make possible in 2022, through your deep care and compassion for the vulnerable and orphaned children of the world. We are thankful to you and our community of supporters.

We are beyond excited to share that two days after Santa visits, we will be leading a group of Elizabethtown College Occupational Therapy professors and students, along with Brittany’s Hope volunteers on a service trip to Viet Nam. The group will help build homes for single mothers, instruct staff and children with therapy and feeding strategies, create childhood joy through activities and field trips, deliver livestock to help with family enterprise businesses, as well as deliver 32 suitcases full of goodies! To me, this IS the true meaning of Christmas.


I ask for you to again join in our mission to bring joy, health, nutrition, education opportunities, and permanency to these children this Holiday Season. In the pages that follow, you’ll find many transformative gifts that will last beyond the holidays, while honoring those close to your heart.

My wish for you this Holiday Season is to have peace, joy, and love in your hearts—so that for those you love, and for the children and families we serve, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Blessings to you and yours,


Directly support orphaned and vulnerable children within their own communities, to strengthen and stabilize families so children can remain in their family’s care.

No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Jackline’s Home Before and After Reconstruction

Jackline, who was on the brink of despair, was plagued by the cycle of poverty and desperation. She is HIV positive, which made it nearly impossible to find stable work and provide for her children. Despite her constant sacrifices, their bodies barely fit on the single floor covered in tattered bedding in their one-room home. The thatched roof was a constant reminder that disaster was one storm away, as rain poured through the shingles, leaving her family and all their belongings wet and extremely damaged.

Thanks to your generous contributions, Jackline and her six children have a place to call home. They have been freed from their crisis situation and they have a lifelong asset, including a kitchen to prepare food, bedrooms, and a roof that now protects them from the rain.

With this new home, provided by Brittany’s Hope’s donors, Jackline is turning a new page in life—offering a place to care for and protect her children.
Families like Jackline’s are calling out for help. Struggling every day. You can help change their story. You can help remove tragic obstacles for a family’s life by donating today.

Invest In A Business

Family enterprise gifts create income, through capital, and keeps families together. Over the past two years, even during a global economic crisis, Brittany’s Hope’s supporters have provided capital, and hope, for 42 successful family enterprises.

When Mrs. Tinh’s husband passed away last year, she was left with the enormous responsibility of providing for her two children. Through her grief, Mrs. Tinh put her energy into earning a living as a laborer, yielding low and unstable pay. Still, she could not meet the needs of her family.

The community of Brittany’s Hope’s supporters invested in Mrs. Tinh’s family, providing the funding for a cow to plow the fields. Now, they have the stability of their home and a new source of income to propel their family to a successful future.

Many other families are waiting for your support. Your gift today can make the difference.

Gifts That Prevent
House Builds, Vaccines, Clean Water, Family Enterprise Gift, Goats, Chickens, Adaptive Equipment and Specialized Resources


Child Sponsorship promotes family-like care to children residing in Brittany’s Hope’s transitional children’s homes to ensure their physical, emotional, and social needs are met.

If Only In My Dreams

Dang, 12 Years Old

Tragically, for some of the children in our programs, going home for the holidays is just a dream.
Brittany’s Hope actively strives to connect children with sponsors who share in their successes and encourage them to reach their full potential.

Dang is a 12-year-old boy at the Ha Tinh Children’s Home. After his mother abandoned the family and his father passed away from liver cancer, his uncle temporarily took care of him. Financially stressed, Dang’s uncle brought him to a Brittany’s Hope’s partner children’s home, where he lights up the room with his laughter and energy.

He is now a Forward on his soccer team, who loves wearing sports jerseys, playing with his friends, watching Kung Fu movies, laughing, and running around. Dang still waits for someone to sponsor him, to give him the feeling that a family truly cares for him.

Please consider sponsoring Dang, to light up his world. For just *$37/month* ($444/year), you can provide the connection children long for every day. Please consider making that investment today.

Rebuilding The Home

The Ukweli Home of Hope is a Boys’ Home in Kenya. These boys come from tragic backgrounds, living on the streets of the Kibera slums. Thankfully, the Little Sisters of St. Francis invested in these boys, and with a partnership from Brittany’s Hope’s faithful supporters, they are building success.

In February, a fire burned their home, but not their hope. Our donors once again rallied and raised over $86,000 to repair their roof and their dormitory. They still need your support for paint, furnishings, windows, and personal items to restore their home. You can continue to rebuild their home and their hope. Please give today.

Gifts That Provide
Sponsor a Child, Computer, School Essentials, Bicycle, Emergency Relief Fund


Children can fully prosper with a loving and stable family. Help them unite through a Brittany’s Hope inter-country adoption grant.

Nothing’s Better Than Home Sweet Home

Kyle & Megan with their children

Kyle, Megan, and their two children, are preparing to be happy in a million ways. This Christmas, they will be bringing Micah home from India! Micah will not be spending the holiday season in an orphanage, but in his forever home, because of you and other generous supporters.

From this moment forward, everything Micah does with his family during the holidays, has the potential to create a new tradition or memory. “It has been such an emotional experience, but there is excitement, hope, and dreams of what life will be like once you find your child and he is part of your family,” Megan said. “At this point, we are just waiting for final approval and remain hopeful we will be able to bring Micah home before Christmas.”

Micah will finally have his home and family this holiday season. “Our adoption journey has taken 3½ years, and after waiting for so long, finally being able to have our baby boy home and our family together for the holidays would be the perfect gift!”

As you’re busy baking, shopping, wrapping, and decorating, remember those little children who are coming home for the first time. Just imagine the smiles of wonderment! And please, remember those who are still waiting to be united with their families. Just imagine the smiles that your gift today will create. Because there is Nothing Better than Home Sweet Home.

Never Too Old To Come Home

Adopted from Bogota, Colombia, in March 2022, Victor (18) and Omar (12) are loving their new life in the United States. Omar enjoys 5th grade and is excited to be playing soccer, while Victor is learning English, taking classes at a Community College, and is enjoying playing soccer and video games. For the first time, the brothers went to the beach – enjoying every minute of their vacation.

Many people are hesitant to adopt children who are older. Thanks to your generous contributions, their parents welcomed Victor and Omar to their forever family – to create memories and traditions to last a lifetime. Please continue to give and be a part of uniting more forever families.

Gifts that Prospers
Sponsor a Child, Computer, School Essentials, Bicycle,
Emergency Relief Fund

While we have many needs, these are a few of the most pressing needs for the children and families in our programs. Your gifts give direct support to orphaned and at-risk children and families. As always, 100% of your support goes directly into the Brittany’s Hope programs.