Meet Our Moms

Meet Brittany’s Hope’s Moms!  Brittany’s Hope is made up of people who believe in adoption, who have adopted, and who have the heart to open their world to children with Special Needs. During this season when we honor Moms, we’d like to introduce you to the Moms who are instrumental in Brittany’s Hope. Come back every week leading up to Mother’s Day to read story of a mother impacted through Brittany’s Hope, and scroll down to give a gift that matters to your mother figure this year.

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Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca, an adoptee mother from 2003 turned Brittany’s Hope Iron-woman, Board Member, and passionate Advocate.
Rebecca adopted her three children from Russia in 2003 with the help of a Brittany’s Hope grant. She still remembers her first feelings about becoming a mother 20 years later. “Flying to Russia and bringing home 3 siblings who didn’t speak our language on a 24-hour flight back home was more than a bit overwhelming!” She remembers watching over them as they slept and wondering if they felt safe enough in a new country, away from the children’s home they once knew and if they dream in Russian. A mother’s worry never ends as their children grow to become adults. Rebecca will still sneak into their rooms when they were teenagers and pray for them as they navigate entering adulthood.
Rebecca is not just a mother, but a champion for Brittany’s Hope. She began the Team Orphans initiative, through her yearly Ironman competitions, to provide international Adoption Grants to more sibling groups who are seeking their forever families. Rebecca also hosts numerous campaigns, including this year’s Rainy’s Walk for Kids, and her combined efforts raised nearly $400,000 and united over 50 sibling groups.
When we ask why she is so passionate about Brittany’s Hope, she responds with the reality of adoption. “Another part of adoption that was NOT wonderful and was VERY overwhelming was seeing the extreme poverty and desperate lives of so many children. The orphanages were packed full of sad, quiet kids who needed families. The streets were full of dirty kids begging for food and drinking the last few sips from old vodka bottles by the road. Both images are sealed forever in my mind. I can close my eyes and see them clearly. That is my reason for continuing to be a fundraiser for Brittany’s Hope, long after my kids are grown. These vulnerable children need an advocate on the other side of the world like me and like you to give them a chance at life.”
Because of Mothers like Rebecca, Brittany’s Hope can continue to unite forever families and provide humanitarian care to mothers who need additional support. This Mother’s Day, honor your mother figure by gifting her a gift that will make an impact on the lives of those around the world.

Meet Binh

As we honor Brittany’s Hope’s Moms, we share a story of a mother’s unconditional love, perseverance, and resilience. Binh is a single mother to her daughter Ngoc. When her husband left her while she was pregnant,Binh had to move back to her village to seek help from her struggling parents and siblings.

Despite living in poverty, Binh worked hard every day to provide for her daughter, even sacrificing her own meals to ensure her daughter had milk. She went back to the city to work as a day laborer, but faced challenges like not being able to afford daycare, leaving Ngoc at home alone at times.

Through all the hardships, Binh remained hopeful and determined to provide a better future for her daughter. Her efforts paid off when they received a new home, thanks to a generous Brittany’s Hope donor, complete with a study space for Ngoc. Now, Ngoc is thriving in school and Binh has found some peace knowing they have a safe and stable home.

Binh’s love for her daughter and resilience in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. This Mother’s Day, let us honor all the mothers like Binh who go above and beyond to provide for their children, often with very few resources.