Time to Answer the What-Ifs

Over the past year, we have reflected on the famines, infestations, and the pandemic. Because of your support, we never had to ask the question of ‘what if’. You showed up time and again to support these children, and their families, through their greatest time of need.

View below their accomplishments and need as we enter into a new season of reconstructing. It is now time to rebuild and grow, so we can save another child from the question of ‘what if.’ If you are able, please consider donating to continue meeting the needs of these children.

A Message from Our Executive Director

Mai-Lynn Abel Sahd, MSW
Adoptee, Viet Nam 1995
Executive Director

Dear Cherished Supporters,
What If You Hadn’t Helped?

What if…when things go wrong, we can’t help but think about it. What if he caught that pass? Or if I bought the stock that soared? Or if I didn’t get that ticket?

But what about when things go right? As we look back over the last two years, we can’t help but wonder:
WHAT IF you hadn’t helped?

We asked for support for the tormented children in Ethiopia, where political conflict resulted in food supplies being cut off from the orphanages. You said Yes.

When schools in Viet Nam were suddenly closed due to the pandemic, we asked you to provide funding for computers so children could continue their education and remain on a path toward self-sufficiency. You said Yes.

We asked you to rally behind our virtual events—and make Brittany’s Hope 5K and Walk of Love successful, so precious children with special needs would be united with loving families who will embrace and care for them. You said Yes.

We asked for crisis relief for families in Kenya when the pandemic and locust infestation caused job loss and utter despair. And again, You said Yes.

Despite these incredible challenges, we are left feeling humbled.

We are in awe of your concern and generosity to ensure that the children in our programs have food, healthcare, and an education.

We are beyond grateful for Your Yes.

We can assure you that your generosity has been truly impactful. We can promise you we will continue to ask you to support these children. We pray that You will continue to say Yes.

With Appreciation,


We Wonder

Where Would He Be


As we are thinking about our What-ifs, we can’t help but wonder: What if Mickey wasn’t adopted? Mickey is a special child for whom we’ve been advocating for over two years. With his dire medical condition, we have been wondering “what if” he didn’t have donors and a family fighting for him – it’s just too difficult to imagine.

Because Mickey’s story has resonated with so many of you, we don’t have to think about “what-ifs.” You rose to the arduous challenge of making sure he received the proper medical care for his physical ailments. You began reaching out to your circle of friends asking for financial gifts to help fully fund his adoption grant. You continued your advocacy to make sure Mickey had what every child deserves – a family.

This is only one example of how you have changed the outcome of that pressing question – “what if?” To think of key moments in Mickey’s life which may not unfold is incomprehensible. Visualizing his first step, feeling his first embrace, and hearing his first spoken word. Once unthinkable, but now possible, because of you.

You have been advocating to find his forever family and raising funds to help bring him home.

And, because you devoted your time, talent, and resources, Mickey’s “what-ifs” can be answered.
He has a forever family who has been awarded a Brittany’s Hope Adoption Grant to help bring him home!
His parents are building on his past to make him part of their future.

For Mickey, his wait is ending – for other kids – the wait is still real. Help them look forward to “what now?” and help transform their lives.“What if” you made a financial gift to Brittany’s Hope’s Adoption Grant program?

Help us again change another child’s “what if?” into “what’s next?”

Mickey anxiously awaiting his new family




More Powerful Than Fire



         The boy’s dormitory after the fire

When Lucas was young, he found himself in an impossibly desperate state. Though his family loved him, they often didn’t have enough food, so he left – doing whatever he needed to survive on the streets of Nairobi. Lucas received a life-changing helping hand, but what if that support hadn’t been there?

For street children, like Lucas, the chance to have a bright future means everything. Fifty boys at the Ukweli Home of Hope finally found the support they needed to thrive. They’ve come far, making great strides and building community together, only to have tragedy strike.

When a devastating fire took all their possessions early this year, the boys felt despair knowing they had to start over once again.

To see their safe haven in ruin has been incredibly difficult for all who feel the inspiring power of the Ukweli Home of Hope.

But this is not the end of Ukweli and it is not the end of hope the boys share.

Even with ceilings caved in and everything charred, we know hope lives within them, not their things.

At moments like this, we can’t help but think of children like Lucas, who embody the hope and determination of Ukweli’s mission. This place changed Lucas – gave him direction when he was at his lowest. What if he hadn’t found help years ago? Would he still be a college graduate and CPA with a promising career ahead?

While we celebrate successes like Lucas’, our attention is drawn back to the next generation. As they work to repair significant structural damage, we ask you to consider a gift to support their most pressing needs!

At one time, each of these boys wondered how they would make it on their own.

Now, they have each other and they have YOU. Help rebuild their home and restore their hope for the future!



What If You Accept the Challenge?

How Many Miles Can You Ride?



This summer, gather your family, your church group, or just a few friends and take on a challenge: The Virtual Metric Century or Metric Half-Century Biking For Brittany Challenge!

Have you ever imagined what it is like for kids in Viet Nam who ride 9 miles to and from school each day?

By joining the Biking For Brittany ride, you can get a feel of their experience.

Commit your group to a physical challenge while dedicating yourselves to the children of Brittany’s Hope. Start pedaling and join the Metric Century (62 miles), or the Metric Half-Century (31 miles), between June 1st and July 17th. You can break your distance into segments, find sponsors to support your ride, or donate to another rider! Most importantly, you and your group will receive the gratification that you joined together to change the trajectory of a child’s life.

While other riders will be logging their virtual miles, many local riders will join us in-person on July 17th to take part in our First Annual Biking for Brittany Metric Century and Metric Half-Century in Elizabethtown, PA! Riders who are taking on the challenge will begin at the Historic Star Barn Village and cycle along the beautiful waterfronts and through the rolling hills and picturesque landscape of Elizabethtown, Hershey, and surrounding areas.

Of course, they won’t just be spinning their wheels; they’ll be making an enormous impact for the children Brittany’s Hope supports.

$40 – Virtual Ride
$50 – In Person Ride Until June 1st
$60 – In Person Ride After June 1st

Ways You Can Participate:

  • Sign up for the in-person or virtual ride
  • Support a rider through their fundraising efforts
  • Volunteer at a rest stop with your family, community group, or church
  • Spread the word on social media

You can register and learn more about the ride below.

Accept the Challenge and Ride for the Kids!

Donate to Answer Their What-Ifs