In Viet Nam, children are now entering their most festive season – Tết!

Weeks before the actual holiday, excitement and anticipation fill each child’s heart as they count down the days until February 10th – the Year of the Dragon.

As joyous as this holiday is for most, it can elicit deep emotions for some of the children in Brittany’s Hope partnered transitional children’s homes, especially those old enough to remember the loss they have endured. With this in mind, we work very hard with our partners to ensure that each child in our program feels loved, cared for, and can too experience the tradition of Tết.

Your gift will help the children ring in the New Year with good fortune, remind them that they are loved, and that they deserve to experience the joy of Tết, just like any other child.

Ben Tre Children’s Home is located in a remote part of the Mekong Delta, an area plagued by poverty. The people of this region have suffered greatly, and have great need. This center was established in 1992 to help address the phenomena of street children and shifting to care for any child in poverty. In over 20 years, the center has cared for over 1,200 children in need. Now, the center cares for over 75 children with varying levels of need, providing stable education and care.

Visit Ha Tinh Village & you’ll see children excitedly playing soccer, while others sing and dance (between studying of course), and people taking care of each other as one big happy family. The center, however, was not always this way. Due to scarce government funding, Ha Tinh Village was plagued by a shortage of resources. Desperate to build up the children’s strength, the director reached out to Brittany’s Hope. Now, not only are the children in school, eating well and getting medical care, they are happy and full of life.

Founded in 1996 by Catholic Sisters, the House of Love is located in the remote village of Cam Ranh, an hour and a half outside of the city of Nha Trang. This tranquil center in the countryside is home to about 90 children. It features a library, a water purification system, and classrooms where the Sisters tutor the kids. Before the involvement of Brittany’s Hope, the Sisters would go door to door asking for food to feed the children. Now, because of YOU, the children are fed 3 meals a day, are quite happy and well loved.

Children's Tet Wishes