Below you will see stories of children and families overcoming adversity thanks to gifts from our wonderful supporters. The gifts in this guide represent a need somewhere in one of our programs and your donation will provide direct relief for a child. A gift from this guide is a donation which helps children, their families, and their communities thrive — not just survive.

The World Is At Its Best When People Love And Care

From the entire team at Brittany’s Hope, we want to
wish you a healthy and happy Holiday Season. Our year is ending much like it began, in amazement of the caring hearts and generous love our supporters have shown the children in our programs. Their struggles are still
very real, but they are not discouraged. The children
and families we serve know they have people like you who care.

In the following pages, you will see your generous support at work. Not only will we share the inspiring stories of families persevering, but you will also
learn how we can continue to make real and lasting change together. By providing your gifts to these special children and families, you’re giving them
the opportunities to thrive, not just survive.

This Holiday Season, we hope you will continue to be the guiding light for change by honoring those you love with these gifts. During this joyous time of year, we not only want to thank you for what you have done, but we hope you will join us, again, by spreading twice the joy! You can honor the ones you love with a gift that gives back.

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”
— Mary Anne Radmacher

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year,
The Brittany’s Hope Team

Pictured left to right: Carrie McCullough, Mai-Lynn Sahd, Jackie Michaels, Sharon Sparkes, Paula Tobias, & Alicia Kautz
Viet Nam team not pictured

Start-Up & Thrive!

Festus with his nephews and son

When Festus woke up to the news that schools throughout Kenya had closed indefinitely last year, this teacher’s mind raced, thinking of his family’s future. Like many struggling caregivers, he lay awake at night worrying “How long can I put food on the table?” and “What will happen to my children then?”

Paychecks suddenly ceased, but the demands of everyday life not only continued, they grew.

We’ve heard countless stories of lost wages and the daily struggles just to survive. Parents are stressed, but they still have the tenacity to keep fighting
for their families. Many have promising new business plans; but need help funding their dreams. This holiday season, your gift could help replace parents’ worries with hope.

In Festus’ family, not only is he responsible for his three children, he makes sacrifices to extend care to his orphaned niece and nephews. Daisy, Bernard, and Gideon love their time with their uncle and cousins,

but Festus’ worries have only grown with three extra mouths to feed. With funds dwindling, Festus came up with an idea — a milling business. A $1,500 investment from Brittany’s Hope helped him get started with an industrial grinding machine and raw materials (corn, beans, and grains). Now, over six months later, he’s offering affordable grocery staples to his community while turning a profit of $200 each month.

These families already have strength within to thrive, can you help provide the hope they need to put their plans into action?

It is possible — with just a small gift — to help families turn their situations around and prevent separation. Desperation can be transformed into not only a pursuit, but an achievement of stability.

Families with financial security can provide nutritious meals, send their children to school, and face adversity together.

Give Hope This Holiday!

Remembering Sister Quyen — A Life Of Helping Children Thrive

“All God’s angels come to us disguised.”
– James Russell Lowell

Sometimes, that disguise is translucent. From the very first moment we met Sr. Quyen at the House of Love, a home she started for orphans, we knew she would be our angel. She was a beloved woman of faith and compassion, and it is with great sorrow we share of her passing.

Sr. Quyen came to the Khanh Hoa Region in 1998. It was an area devastated by the war, but she and six members of her congregation ventured deep into remote villages to offer God’s care and love.

Her transition into a spiritual mother figure was natural. Her heart became home to countless desperate children and other ‘orphans’ — those with leprosy neglected by their own community and homeless elderly who were alone and in need of companionship at the end of life.

In 2005, Brittany’s Hope’s founding mother, Candace Abel, along with her

daughter, Mai-Lynn Sahd, had the opportunity to meet Sr. Quyen.

Over the years, the needs grew; she was caring for 27 children and feeling hopeless. Skin and bones, Sr. Quyen, would go door-to-door to garner what she could for the children. Many in the community were immediately drawn to her and her six tiny sisters, empowered only by the Spirit of God and their sheer determination to forge on against all odds. Together, they endured extreme poverty and the lingering effects of war but managed to keep their spirits alive.

What Brittany’s Hope achieved in tandem with Sr. Quyen is nothing short of miraculous.

Together, we nurtured over 180 children and afforded each one of them the opportunity to pave their own path to success.

We learned many valuable lessons working alongside Sr. Quyen, which has

inspired us to ramp up our work in the communities to meet the needs of children within their families — bringing clean water sources, constructing stable housing for single parents, and providing educational opportunities for disadvantaged kids with scholarships and bicycles.

The experience of knowing Sr. Quyen taught us the meaning of compassion and illustrated — in full color — what it means to give one’s life, and one’s death, to God and His children.

Her physical presence may no longer be with us, but her life doesn’t end with her passing. Her profound impact will be eternally echoed throughout the children and communities where she dedicated her life’s work.

Please help us celebrate the extraordinary life of Sr. Quyen, our dedicated partner and grandmother to all, by providing the ongoing needs of the children to who she devoted her life.

Keep Her Legacy Alive.

Sister Quyen

The Blessings Of A Child

Duc Waiting For His Forever Family

Despite all the challenges Duc is facing, there’s still hope — and hope is powerful.

Duc was abandoned at birth in a hospital in Viet Nam, born with Down Syndrome. Weak, with a soft head, large belly, and laying to one side, his medical diagnosis was grim; however, he was an overwhelmingly happy and content baby.

While two-year-old Duc is currently well-cared for in one of Brittany’s Hope’s partnered homes, it cannot match the love and stability of a permanent family.

There’s no replacement for the times when a child’s face lights up the moment you step in the room, or the gentle touch of a mother’s hand to caress a skinned knee. Unfortunately, these are the moments Duc, and other children like him, are missing.

Families’ adoption costs and fees have been amplified due to the pandemic, causing a delay to bringing their children home.

Your gift toward Brittany’s Hope’s adoption grant program will be a life-altering gift for Duc, and many other children like him.

The cost of an international adoption can be daunting for a family, but not insurmountable with support from granting programs like Brittany’s Hope’s.

Duc has been waiting 781 days for his chance — it’s vital we advocate for him, and other kids with special needs, so they can receive supportive medical care, and be on the receiving end of those special glances and hugs from their forever families.

Together, we can make it possible for children like Duc to know those warm embraces. Our adoption grant program assists families adopting children with special needs — giving them loving stable families and the chance To Thrive — Not Just Survive.

Help Unite Children With Families.