Brittany's Cribs - Providing Safe, Stimulating Cribs and Essentials for Special Needs Children

Providing Safe, Stimulating Cribs and Essentials
For Special Needs Children

Toddler in hard metal playpen

He will spend his day waiting in a hard metal playpen... but with your help, tonight he will sleep in a comfortable crib with a soft blanket.

A safe and stimulating crib is an essential provision for a baby, especially for an institutionalized infant who spends many hours of their day in a crib. Special needs children wait years longer than healthy infants for a family's love. Brittany's Hope has traveled into orphanages around the world, and seen first-hand the numerous abandoned special needs babies who wait in lonely barren cribs without the comfort of a blanket or a toy to occupy their time.

Baby in a wicker crib that's falling apart.Orphanages have limited resources, so money is spent on essentials like formula and medicines first. They do not have means to replace damaged and rusted beds or play equipment. Often, older children sleep in bassinets or wicker baskets sized for infants with no room to stretch out. Most orphanages are filled to capacity with too many abandoned children and too few caregivers. In even the most compassionate orphanages, special needs children spend the majority of their day in their crib, while harried caregivers try to meet the needs of the babies.

In keeping with our mission to help special needs children worldwide, Brittany's Hope is asking individuals, families and organizations to purchase any number of cribs. For just $150 you can give a child a safe, comfortable crib with a mattress, warm blanket and a "busy box" for valuable stimulation. Your tax-deductible gift is a truly tangible way to provide a better quality of life for children in need. In return, you'll gain the reward of knowing that you have made an enormous difference in the life of a child.

Contact us to find out how to make Brittany's Cribs your class or church project. It's easy and rewarding. We'll provide you with the materials you'll need.

A Vietnamese baby in a new crib with a busy box.

Orphanage receives new cribs!

So many generous people have made Brittany's Cribs their fundraising project. We've received donations from churches, people had garage sales, children gathered spare change, and what a difference it's made!

We've purchased new cribs in orphanages in Vietnam, China, Haiti, and Sierra Leone. There are still so many babies who need cribs. For only $150, you or your group can give a child a warm, safe bed with a blanket and a busy box to occupy their days.