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In Kenya and around the world, young women and girls struggle with access to affordable menstrual hygiene products. When every day is about survival, there is often not enough money in the family budget for this monthly expense. Sadly, in the absence of purchased products, many use what they can: scraps of paper, old bedding, and even dried animal dung. Even worse, the effects on girls can be detrimental, besides the shame and stigma associated with menstrual health, many miss days of school and can eventually drop out altogether.

To help combat this dire situation, Brittany’s Hope partnered with Hope Valley Family Institute to create the Hope for Her project to empower young women to stay in school by providing menstrual hygiene packs and important education on the subject. An NGO with a long-standing presence in the Nyahururu, Kenya, they saw a need to expand their support for vulnerable girls in their community. By providing girls with appropriate sanitary products, undergarments, and education, not only can they remain in school during but they can also have a safer way to take care of their own hygiene needs. Brittany’s Hope is working alongside Hope Valley to ensure over 2,500 girls receive the packs they need to stay in school.

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