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Helping Orphans by Providing Education

Introducing our newest humanitarian program, the HOPE Project. An extension of the Sunflower Children Project, the HOPE (Helping Orphans by Providing Education) Project will grant funds to orphans to enable them to atttain higher education or trade skills.

John, a young man in Ethiopia, wrote a letter of application to the HOPE Project to fund his training as a doctor:

ZemenuMy dream to be a physician
has been with me since my early childhood.

My mother, when she was not more than 15 years old, was married to my father who was a Christian. My mother’s family was Muslim in religion. When they married, my mother adopted Christianity.

She moved with her husband to another village to start their new life. My father was a teacher and after some years they produce one child who was me. However, due to unknown reasons my father and my mother could not live together. I was no more than 3 years old by this time. My mother had no choice than to come back to her family’s house, but my grandparents were not in a position to accept us. My mother and I lived 3 years in very harsh conditions. We had no food to eat or shelter to live in. We were just moving from someone’s house to another’s finding what we could to live.

When we were in such a condition my mother caught serious malaria. Very quickly, she died in the nearby hospital. I was the only one to care for her in the hospital. I was left where nowhere else to go. So, I spent the rest of my life at the hospital.

This was the time I began to have my dreams to be a doctor. I have met patients who were unable to get medicine or doctors. Many people have died from simple curable diseases. I have seen children dying of diarrhea. Small beautiful children and babies die in their mother’s hand. I feel like this is a lost chance. If this baby could grow up, it could be one of the famous and influential persons in the world. Maybe we have already lost too many babies.

This is the blueprints in my mind and this is my heartache.
I feel I can do something to save these children.

I have also seen young adults dying of malaria and TB. We are losing these young and growing people to curable diseases. These people are the ones who can challenge Africa’s poverty.

Thanks to God I am lucky to meet Brittany’s Hope and I am able to go to school. I can say my life is highly connected with health organizations & patients. I am still working in one of the clinics of the catholic mission. After this all, it is not surprising that I dream to be a doctor. I need to save children, mothers and the elderly. I do not need to see extra death in Africa. Thanks to God, because of you I am ready to join my new school and my dream to be a doctor is going to come true.

John will be attending Hayat Medical College of Addis Ababa.
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