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Imagine worrying every day about one of the most basic necessities of life: Water. Right now, the children at Ukweli Home of Hope are facing a problem: the pump to their precious borehole has broken down and is in desperate need of repair. This means they are unable to access the water trapped beneath their feet. This not only impacts the day-to-day activities at the home (cooking, showing, watering the garden, etc.), but also the wider community. The boys take an immense pride in their water bottling project, which supplies their neighbors with clean water at an affordable price. Sadly, this has come to a halt, leaving countless others also awaiting a solution.

Your donations towards these repairs would be an extraordinary help in getting the boys’ water back up and running. We know you already do so much for these amazing kids; we really can’t thank you enough. If you could, please consider going above and beyond to make a special donation to restore access to reliable clean water for the boys and their community.

Thank You For Helping This Project Be Fully Funded!

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Give a child with special needs the chance to grow up in a loving family through adoptions.

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Provide nutrition, medical care, education, and encouragement to an orphaned child.

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