Medical Intervention

Responding to the immediate medical need of orphan children.

In our work, we are presented with urgent or challenging medical cases of the children we serve. We pledge to respond to these pressing medical needs when we are made aware of them. Although we do not actively seek these projects, we regularly must do what we can to ensure the child receive the medical care that they need.

In the past, we helped Giang, a 6-year old girl who needed urgent heart surgery, Asalafew, a 15-year old boy who had a life threatening 140 degree curve in his spine, and Hieu, a 14-year old boy with clubbed feet and compressed spine that risked paralysis.

Asalafew Needs Emergency Surgery | Learn More

Without intervention, these children may never have survived.

A 5 year old girl in Vietnam received life saving Heart Surgery in 2004. Each medical case is unique and can vary greatly in cost. Any donation can make a difference in saving a child's life. Our past projects include:

       > Correction of a Compressed Spine and Severe Club Feet
       > Life saving Heart Surgery for a 5 year old girl in Vietnam
       > Straightening of a 140o case of Spinal Tuberculosis

Your tax deductable donation can make an immediate difference in the life of an ill child languishing in an institution thousands of miles away. Together we can help to cure the orphan crisis and bring joy back into the eyes of children everywhere.

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