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Ask a child in the United States: “What is the deadliest animal in the world?” and they might tell you a tiger or maybe a poisonous snake. You may be surprised to learn that one of the most destructive animals is actually quite small: the mosquito.

A parasitic infection that causes flu-like symptoms, malaria is uncomfortable at best and fatal at worst, with millions falling ill each year. In the Kisumu region of Kenya where Oasis of Peace sits, the proximity to the lake and the humid climate results in high incidences of malaria.

Luckily there are steps that can be taken to protect the children and keep them healthy! At the Oasis of Peace, children sleep every night under a mosquito net specifically designed to keep these dangerous pests out. However, with the influx of children at the home, they urgently need additional nets to replace those with wear and tear.

Join us in the fight to keep the children at Oasis of Peace malaria-free & give them a healthy and joyful childhood

How You Can Help

Unite A Family

Give a child with special needs the chance to grow up in a loving family through adoptions.

Sponsor A Child

Provide nutrition, medical care, education and encouragement to an orphaned child.

Be An Advocate

Volunteer and spread awareness
for the children in need worldwide.

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