Team Orphans endeavors to help abandoned children by competing in their honor. It can be both a single athlete seeking sponsorship for an event or a group of determined individuals fundraising and competing together. Either way, we are all teaming up to bring children home to their forever families!

Rebecca Cruttenden, founder of Team Orphans, is a dedicated mom of three adopted children and a Brittany’s Hope grant recipient from 2003. She has raised over $266,784 for Brittany’s Hope since 2010 through her Ironman events. She, her husband Tom and her children live in Rockford Michigan.

Rebecca’s 2020 Races

✓ Ironman 70.3 Muncie (In Rockford)

✓ Michigan Titanium – August 15th (in Rockford )

Ironman 70.3  North Carolina – October 17 (In Rockford)

Ironman 70.3 Florida – December 13




of ALL Team Orphans donations help provide adoption grants for families bringing special needs children home. All non-program expenses are paid for by a corporate benefactor: DAS Distributors, Inc.


2020 Team

Rebecca Cruttenden

2019 Teams

Rebecca Cruttenden

Hiskey’s Team Orphans

Brandon Garnaat


Catherine Rosado, Jose Rosado, Nathaniel Rosado, Lydia Rosado, Joshua Rosado, Caleb Rosado, Howard & Marcia Shanken, Sydney Savage, Kerry Lida, Richard Johnson, Rosalie Clark, Kurt Lang, Cathy Bledsoe, Ryan Kaufman, Carole Kaufman, Daisy Kaufman, Sarah Kaufman, Diane Luke, Christina Hiskey, Ann Marie Kaufman, Lynne Lentz, Michael & Sharon Elligson, Amanda Ellingson, Micah Ellingson, Jillian Ellingson, Ben Gandy, Christina Boerema, Kathryn Dew, Jenny Smith, Lynn Harden-Hemmans, Eunice White, Kathleen Stouten, Stephen Manley, Lynn Benson, Mars Manley, Carole Kaufman, Janice Gilmore, Naomi Fredlund, Jen Knuth, Amy Herrema, Mary Walinder, Regina Argo, Storm the Aussie, Maleki the Collie, Lilah the Dingo

2018 Team

Rebecca Cruttenden    Lindsay & Ben    Team Babcock