Every Child Deserves

The Love Of A Family 

We believe there is no substitute for the care of a family, even in the best of facilities. Over 8 million orphaned children living in institutions are denied love and supported family interactions. Life without a daily warm embrace or compassionate words of affirmation leaves vulnerable children without a firm emotional foundation, especially those deemed to be special needs. Brittany’s Hope believes all children deserve the basic right to grow up in a nurturing family environment and be a part of society.

We work relentlessly on building a bridge to unite children with special needs to families with open hearts to adopt but are burdened by the substantial fees associated with inter-country adoption. Working with our affiliate agencies, we provide financial adoption assistance to make adoptions possible for some of the most high risk-children.

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What Are Special Needs?

In the spectrum of international adoption, children with ‘special needs’ are those deemed difficult to place due to their age, physical or mental handicap, and sibling groups. Children with more specialized needs are at a greater risk for dependence- therefore, there are a disproportionate number of children with special needs who are abandoned.

The age limit at which a child is considered to have special needs differs greatly between countries. Typically a child older than five will become a member of a waiting child list.
A child who is currently healthy, could be at-risk of developing learning, emotional, or behavioral disabilities in the future is considered ‘at-risk.’ This includes babies exposed to drugs, abuse, neglect, and those with genetic pre-dispositions to mental illness and physical disabilities.
Disabilities include mental, physical, and emotional limitations which can range from mild to severe. Behavioral issues are part of the emotional group.
Sibling Groups
Often times, siblings are the only family children have in orphanages. Separating them can further compound emotional stress.

Our Adoption Grant Process

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Be A Part Of Their Story – Help Bring Their Children Home

The Lien Family

Hi! We’re Ben, a brewer who makes delicious craft beer, and Rachna, a lawyer (but still a nice person). We are adopting a little girl from India and simply cannot wait to bring her home. Thank you for helping us make this dream a reality!

We hope that you will support is in bringing our daughter home.

The Pflum Family

Hello! We are Kyle and Amanda Pflum. We have three biological children – Kyson, Violet, and Davis. We are a homeschooling family who loves sports, especially basketball and softball. This summer we hosted a precious 12-year-old boy from Colombia and now we are in the process of adopting him!

We hope you will join us in these efforts. Thank You!

Am I Eligible For A Grant?

To be eligible for a grant from Brittany’s Hope, you must meet these three criteria.

Adopting a child from a country other than the
United States.

Special Needs
Adopting a child who has been designated
special needs.

Affiliate Agency
Your placing agency must be one of
our affiliates.

Adoption costs can be frightening! Brittany’s Hope never wants finances to stand in the way
of uniting a child with their forever family
– which is why we offer adoption grants.

You must already be actively engaged with a partner agency.

Meet Our Kids Home

Featured Image for Children Home: Nasko & Sevdalin
Children Home: Nasko & Sevdalin
From Their Family in 2011- The end of January marked the end of our first year with Nasko and Sevdalin...
Featured Image for Another Child Home: Flora
Another Child Home: Flora
We’ve recently received an update from a family who wanted to share their appreciation with all of you – again....