When Families Struggle, Children

Face The Greatest Threat – Separation.

Poverty places families in crisis, often forcing them to relinquish their child into orphanage care. 

Brittany’s Hope Solution,

We recognize the challenges and complexities of dealing with the orphan crisis. We are committed to moving forward with sustainable, solution-focused programs to protect and care for vulnerable children in their local environments. At the same time, we work diligently through our programming to reunify children with their natural family when possible. Further, we provide aid to strengthen families in crisis to ensure children are not separated from their family’s care and reduce the need for orphanages.

How We
Support Families

Bao, pictured here with his mother, faced separation from his mother. With assistance
from Brittany’s Hope, Bao and his mother now have a safe home and are less at risk of separation. 


Community Support

Safe Housing

In order for children to thrive, families must have a safe place to call home. For many around the world, they do the best they can to create loosely constructed homes with found material.

In Viet Nam, where housing remains a constant strain, Brittany’s Hope helps build homes to help keep families together. Working with the communities which we have long standing relationships, we identify families in need, prioritizing single parent families from our program. For $7,000 USD, you can build a home that provides not only safety for a family, but also security for generations to come.

Food Relief

Well-balanced meals are crucial to children’s short and long-term health and development. When families face economic hardships, they may eat only one meal per day. for some children, they may not be the main priority in the family, leading to hunger and malnutrition.

Providing food relief to families in extreme poverty keeps both parents and children healthy, ensuring children do not go to sleep hungry.

Clean Water

Water, essential to all life, is a precious commodity in many regions of the world. Women and children travel long distances to collect water, sometimes putting themselves at risk. This is valuable time that children could be learning at school, and mothers could be earning income for their families. Even more troubling, after all the time and sacrifice, the quality of water drawn from streams is often unsafe to consume.

Brittany’s Hope strives to increase access to clean water for children and families. Borehole water pumps in Kenya, for instance, bring not only water, but hope to communities in need. 

Family Health

Throughout the world, children continue to face sickness and even death from preventable illnesses- but we can help by providing vaccines, regular dental care, and access to necessary surgeries.

By ensuring children and families in our program have proper healthcare, Brittany’s Hope is helping to keep families healthy, united, and strong.

Educational Support


Driven by our mission, our goal once the children’s basic needs are met, is to ensure they have the resources, marketable job skills, and support they need for a successful future. Whether attending a trade school or university, through your unyielding support, it has been a privilege to emotionally and financially support these young adults.


A 9-mile walk to school in the midday sun can drain kids of energy their thirsty minds need for school, Many children become so exhausted from their daily commute that they drop out entirely. 

In Viet Nam, bicycles are not only for recreation- they are an essential form of transportation. To help, Brittany’s Hope provides bicycles to shorten their commute and give them the strength to continue their education.

School Supplies

Schools can be challenging enough under the best of circumstances, but without the right tools, it can be daunting. unfortunately, many schools in developing countries lack resources, hindering the productivity and success of students.

By gifting school supplies like pencils and textbooks, you can help improve the learning environment for children and propel them into a productive future.


The stigma surrounding menstruation affects girls worldwide. In developing countries, the impact is often compounded by economic hardship. In the absence of sanitary products, girls and young women may utilize cloth scraps, newspaper, and even animal dung.

For many girls, they may miss a week of school each month, and eventually discontinue altogether. By providing menstrual hygiene products and reproductive health education to girls in need, we can help them stay in school.

Support for Children with Special Needs


Our programs help to give children with disabilities the gift of mobility. Your gift can provide adaptive equipment such as shoes, feeding utensils, and walkers. Medical equipment specifically designed to support children with disabilities can improve maneuverability, happiness, and quality of life.


The stigma of having a child with special needs continues to persist in many developing countries. There are times when children need surgeries that their families just cannot afford. Brittany’s Hope works with our local partners to provide medical support, when needed, to children with special needs and their families.

Physical & Occupational

For children with physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, access to physical and occupational therapy can make a world of difference. In 2018, Brittany’s Hope partnered with Ha Tinh Village in Viet Nam to build a special adaptive living home for children with disabilities. For children who once were shuttered away in their own communities, this home gave them a chance for a better quality of life.

Brittany’s Hope is proud to support therapy services for children at Ha Tinh Village, as well as  children living in the community. In addition, caregivers receive support and training from Physical and Occupational Therapists and students during our service-learning trips.

The Ripple Effect

Strengthened Families

When families are strong, they build each other up. Families are the foundation from which children grow and the bedrock of healthy communities.

Skillsets for the Future

Learning new skills leads to better career opportunities, and has dramatic long-term effects. Learning a trade like embroidery, weaving, or incense making can lead to an increased income and a greater sense of security moving through life.

Generations of Change

By investing in children today, we help shape the future leaders of tomorrow that can pass down all that they have learned. Those touched by our programs often come away with a desire to continue bettering their own lives, help others, and contribute positively to their communities.

Transformation In Progress

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