When Families Struggle, Children

Face The Greatest Threat – Separation.

Poverty places families in crisis, often forcing them to relinquish their child into orphanage care. 

Brittany’s Hope Solution,

We recognize the challenges and complexities of dealing with the orphan crisis. We are committed to moving forward with sustainable, solution-focused programs to protect and care for vulnerable children in their local environments. At the same time, we work diligently through our programming to reunify children with their natural family when possible. Further, we provide aid to strengthen families in crisis to ensure children are not separated from their family’s care and reduce the need for orphanages.

How We
Support Families

Bao, pictured here with his mother, faced separation from his mother. With assistance
from Brittany’s Hope, Bao and his mother now have a safe home and are less at risk of separation. 


Community Support

Safe Housing

Food Relief

Clean Water

Family Health

Educational Support



School Supplies


Support for Children with Special Needs



Physical & Occupational

The Ripple Effect

Strengthened Families

When families are strong, they build each other up. Families are the foundation from which children grow and the bedrock of healthy communities.

Skillsets for the Future

Learning new skills leads to better career opportunities, and has dramatic long-term effects. Learning a trade like embroidery, weaving, or incense making can lead to an increased income and a greater sense of security moving through life.

Generations of Change

By investing in children today, we help shape the future leaders of tomorrow that can pass down all that they have learned. Those touched by our programs often come away with a desire to continue bettering their own lives, help others, and contribute positively to their communities.

Transformation In Progress

Featured Image for Anh's Incredible Growth and Transformation
Anh's Incredible Growth and Transformation
When Anh first came to Ha Tinh Village, she was scared and timid. Growing up, Anh was sent to live...
Featured Image for H'Luien's Experience in America
H'Luien's Experience in America
When H'Luien's sponsors, Jeff and Billie Jo Devine, offered their home to her to come stay and experience life in...

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How You Can Help

Unite A Family

Give a child with special needs a chance to grow up in a loving family through adoption.

Sponsor A Child

Provide nutrition, medical care, education, and encouragement to an orphaned child.

Be An Advocate

Volunteer and spread awareness for children in need worldwide.