Thank you for your “Yes”. Your interest in Brittany’s Hope by opening this Gift Guide is a testament to your vision beyond material goods and exemplifies a yearning for a better world, while also honoring your friends and family.

As you peruse the stories of impact and browse through the gift options for your loved ones, I ask you to envision the joy on the face of the child to whom you gift a bike and imagine the relief that parents who receive chickens or a cow feel because they can now provide for their children.

And whether you are able to select items from this gift catalog or not, please do remember these precious children in your thoughts and prayers throughout the year. You are in ours.

P.S. Our pledge, 100% of your gift uplifts children. 100% of your contributions are directed to your gift of choice.

Mai-Lynn Abel Sahd, MSW

Adoptee, Viet Nam 1995

Executive Director

Amid the Darkness …

A Mother’s Love Prevails

Her World Was Falling Apart

Phuong and her two daughters lived in poverty in the Ben Tre Province, as she worked to overcome the abuse inflicted by her ex-husband. Their small deteriorated house was covered by an old-corrugated iron roof with large holes and a tarp to keep out the rain.

When the local garment factory where Phuong worked closed abruptly, she lost her source of income, and fell into a dark place with seemingly no way out.

Brittany’s Hope Rebuilds…

Phuong then learned that Brittany’s Hope would provide funds to build her a new home. “We are so grateful and happy to receive your support to build a new house. With a new home, I know my family’s life will be better. I would like to send my thank you to you and wish you abundance of happiness and peace.

Sewing Business Blossoms

Phuong then used her tailoring kit and started making clothing for her community. She saved, bought sewing machines, converted her home,

hired women who needed steady jobs, and now operates her small garment business out of her home, fulfilling the demand for a well-established online clothing retailer in Ho Chi Minh City. Phuong is able to provide for her family, and her oldest is embarking on her first year of University.

Phuong is a shining example of hope through a home build project, illuminating a path forward for a brighter future for other women facing challenges. She received a prestigious award from the local government for creating opportunities and providing fair wages for women. Families like Phuong’s are a testament to your support in action.

Help Families Stay Together

You can be a catalyst for change and provide families like Phuong’s with the vital resources needed to create a brighter future for their families. Your act of giving will help them change the course of their lives.

Ignite A Passion


Connection from America to Viet Nam

We want all children to dream and explore their potential – to ignite a spark of possibilities for their future.  When Beth Perez and her mom chose to sponsor two teen sisters, Oanh and Linh, through Brittany’s Hope, they had no idea how deep their impact would reach. Through their support, Oanh and Linh have experienced stability, opportunities, and renewed hope.

Shared Love of Art

While exchanging letters, Beth learned of the girls’ interest in drawing and wondered if they had their own art sets. Further correspondence ensued and she realized the girls have only seen an art kit through magazine or TV ads. Beth and her mom decided art kits would be great Christmas gifts, so they bought them for Oanh and Linh. The sisters were ecstatic and overwhelmed that someone halfway around the world whom they had never met, CHOSE to go to great lengths to give them such a meaningful gift. Oanh said, “I was happy and surprised. I felt so special when I received the gift. It’s the nicest art set I have ever seen. Since my mom passed, few people want to know what I enjoy, so I am very grateful.

Her Talent Was Discovered

Oanh has become particularly captivated, working feverishly, and refining her talent. In many ways, it became a tool of comfort as she grieves her mother’s death and makes adjustments at the children’s home. She draws almost every day, and by mere happenstance, a local artist was visiting Ha Tinh when Oanh was drawing. The artist was so impressed by Oanh’s illustrations, that she committed to investing her time by instructing Oanh on different techniques. With her natural ability, Oanh quickly mastered these new artistries, won a number of art contests, and now proudly assists her teacher at Smoo Art Studio.

Sponsor A Child

It all started with a kind hearted “yes” to child sponsorship and a gift of an art kit. Oanh is able to nurture her talent, which is giving her purpose and guidance.

Give a gift to ignite a passion in the heart of a child.

Returning to Give Back

The Garden Of Brittany’s Hope

We at Brittany’s Hope often refer to our work as a collective “Garden of Change.” A garden tended by the hands of a community of supporters who are devoted to restoring hope and childhood joy for orphaned and vulnerable children. This very garden is nourishing the lives of thousands of children and creates a vessel that unites families with children who with their families, can achieve their full potential.

A Home To Grow

Many of the children we have aided through child sponsorship and adoption grants are now accomplished men and women who have returned to Brittany’s Hope with the strong desire to give back and take part in tending Brittany’s Hope “Garden of Change.” Some have become community leaders, joined the Religious Life, and a few are proudly working at Brittany’s Hope. It is rewarding to witness these young men and women making a real difference.


Returning To Transform

This summer of 2023, we had a beautiful, unique experience of having three adoptees and their families journey back to their birth country of Viet Nam to serve alongside Brittany’s Hope. Jonah, Trey, and Julia were adopted from our partnered children’s home. They wanted to return to where their adoption journey started, to make a difference. Together they raised and conducted $40,000 worth of life changing projects: provided wheelchairs and walkers which enabled kids to gain their own independence, delivered bicycles to help children get to and from school, and created endless childhood memories and opportunities for the kids at the care center.

Plant The Next Seed

The seedlings of our garden came from your “yes”! Help our “Garden of Change” continue to be a source of potential, of growth, of connection, of healing, and of abundance.

While we have many needs, these are a few of the most pressing needs for the children and families in our programs. Your gifts give direct support to orphaned and at-risk children and families. As always, 100% of your support goes directly into the Brittany’s Hope programs.