Why Sponsor Through Us?

At Brittany’s Hope 100% of your monthly donation directly benefits your sponsored child.

When you sponsor a child through Brittany’s Hope, not only do you improve a child’s life today, you also help lay the groundwork for their sustainable future. Your monthly gift helps provide essential care, and fulfill the emotional needs of orphans and children in crisis.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to establish a deep connection with a special child from Viet Nam, Kenya, or Ethiopia, and be a source of positive support in their lives. Through your interactions, you will witness firsthand the impact you’re making in their young lives.

With your caring support, we work to see each child complete our program with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become agents of change in their lives and communities.

Become a sponsor today and help plan their tomorrow.

Our 4 Levels Of Sponsorship

Nutrition Support

For $17 per month provide a child proper nutrition that is so vital to their growth and development. Ensure a child has a well-balanced meal & fresh water.

Family Support

For $27 per month keep children in families by improving struggling families’ living conditions through food relief, educational scholarship & more.

Child Sponsorship

For $37 per month give a child access to life-changing benefits to thrive including education, medical care, nourishment, life skills & more.

HOPE Sponsorship

For $70 per month lay the groundwork for a sustainable future by advancing a child’s education in college, or trade school for a student with special needs.

What Child Sponsorship Provides


We pride ourselves on truly knowing all the children in our program – their names, likes, dislikes
which creates a deeper connection with their sponsors. 

Learn About Their World

Located in Southeast Asia, Viet Nam is one of the world’s most populated countries with 93.4 million people and 26.2 million children. Due to a history of occupation, you can still find many influences from China, Japan, France, and the U.S. throughout the country and its culture. After a period of struggle following the Viet Nam War, a push for modernization brought growth. Despite advancements, many families continue to suffer in poverty, lacking the proper nutrition, education, and healthcare that all children deserve. In response, Brittany’s Hope began a partnership with the House of Love in 2005, supporting a group of young orphans to ensure they received proper nutrition and education. Since then, our humanitarian efforts have expanded across the country providing not only the basics for survival, but lasting support to three different sponsorship programs, all comprised of great kids who just need a chance to seize their futures!

Brittany’s Hope works with partners in Viet Nam in the Child Sponsorship, Nutrition, HOPE Scholarship, and Family Support programs.

Located in East Africa, Kenya is a diverse country with more than a dozen different ethnic groups. Since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1963, it has seen ups and downs with political stability and ethnic clashes. Poverty remains a major problem and child abandonment is, sadly, not uncommon. Unfortunately, 35% of children ages 5-14 are employed in some capacity in Kenya, often leading to poor school performance and drop-outs. These children want nothing more than to focus on their futures and succeed! To help provide this opportunity, Brittany’s Hope began supporting humanitarian programs in Kenya in 2013, and has expanded to work in three different regions of the country. Thanks to the financial and emotional impact of sponsorship, orphans and other vulnerable children in Kenya are off the streets and in classrooms, on their way to their bright futures.

Brittany’s Hope works with partners in Kenya in the Child Sponsorship, Nutrition, HOPE Scholarship, and Family Support programs.

Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia has a rich history and is proud to have maintained its freedom, having never been colonized. However, conflict, famine, and poverty, along with the devastating impact of the AIDS/HIV crisis, have left many in need. Though there has been economic development in recent years, over 25% of Ethiopians are unemployed and only half can read and write. Considering these dire circumstances, how can children excel in their futures and reach their full potential? In 2010, Brittany’s Hope began to support vulnerable children in Ethiopia, serving the children of the Injibara community. Based on the US foster care model, orphaned children grow up in small homes together on a shared compound, each assigned a house mother who cares for their every need. 

Brittany’s Hope works with partners in Ethiopia in the Child Sponsorship and Nutrition programs.

Why Our Program Is One of a Kind

“The Brittany’s Hope sponsorship program is a world of difference for us. It has so much more meaning and Kim has a place in our family. That’s so much more real than just having a picture on the refrigerator.”

Child Sponsorship In Action

Featured Image for Congratulations To Our Partner Sr. Lucy
Congratulations To Our Partner Sr. Lucy
We are SO PROUD to celebrate our partner, Sr. Lucy Igandu, as she received her Bachelor's Degree in Community Development....
Featured Image for Changes At Ben Tre Orphanage
Changes At Ben Tre Orphanage
Ben Tre Orphanage is a special place for the people of the area. Originally a Street Children’s Center, its focus...

Give Love – Sponsor a Child

A child is waiting for your love and support. Find your perfect match by using the options below.

My name is Duc

Duc is a strong young man who perseveres despite challenges. Raised by his grandmother and single father with a disability, Duc came to Ha Tinh to have a better life after his father passed away and his elderly grandmother was no longer able to care for ...

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More Giving Opportunities

Waiting Child Fund

Many of our children do not yet have sponsors. Help support the care of one of these children.

Birthday Fund

Give a child in our sponsorship program a truly remarkable birthday party. The memory of this day will last all year long.

Bicycle Fund

Help a child without a sponsor get to school easier. A 9-mile walk to school in the midday sun drains kids of energy their thirsty minds need.