A Hidden Crisis for Millions of Children

Globally, over 140 million children are considered orphaned; that is, having lost one or both of their parents. Millions more are at serious risk. These children live in unimaginable poverty, living through trauma and constant fear, and are often forgotten. However, all is not lost – with your support, we are committed to creating a brighter path for orphaned and at-risk children through a holistic and collaborative approach.

Everyday Risks for Children


385 million children live in extreme poverty. It’s one of the major driving factors in so many children becoming orphans, or relinquished into orphanage care. Children living in poverty are susceptible to many long-term detrimental outcomes – malnourishment, poor health, lack of access to education, and vulnerable to many forms of exploitation.

Poverty denies children their human rights and leads to a vicious cycle of deprivation, which is difficult to break without proper support or assistance. By not receiving these things as children, they will be more likely to live in poverty as an adult, leading to their own children being poor and continuing the cycle of poverty. By working together, we can uplift these children and break this cycle.


Sadly, nearly half of all child deaths under the age of five are due to malnutrition. Children with disabilities, children without family care, and children living in poverty are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition. It causes permanent damage both, physically and mentally, in the short and long term.

Children who grow up malnourished experience higher rates of illness, difficulties in school, developmental delays, and stunted growth. With the right nutrition resources and proper feeding techniques, we can give these children a healthy life and a chance to succeed in school, and their future.


The exploitation of orphaned and vulnerable children is a tragic reality worldwide. Exploitation comes in many forms: abuse, forced labor, being sold for sex, and other unspeakable acts of violence and mistreatment. 25% of survivors of human trafficking are children – approximately 10 million children a year. 152 million children are child laborers.

Without proper support, they are often left on their own to navigate these dangerous circumstances, furthering their exposure to crime and violence. However, with enduring support, these children can seize the opportunity for a stronger future.

Abandonment / Institutions

For a family living in desperate poverty, the addition of another mouth to feed can be terrifying. In developing countries, child abandonment is often due to the family’s belief their children will be better cared for in institutions, particularly for those with a disability. However, these institutions can never replace the love and support a family can provide. Those in their care often experience delayed development and behavioral problems. This stems from the trauma of loss, leaving their birth families/communities, and from the lack of permanence in their lives.

In reality, for the 8 million orphans living in institutions, many do have family members who desire to care for them, but simply do not have the resources. We know that children thrive best in a family and we are committed to helping all children have one through our continuum of care approach.

The Cycle of Poverty

Poverty Leads to Poverty

Poverty is a factor in so many children becoming orphans. It is a vicious cycle, passing lifelong disadvantages from one generation on to the next. By meeting children’s basic needs and creating a stronger environment for families, we can strengthen the family unit which will uplift the lives of children

Children Belong In Families

Poverty, homelessness, and mental illness are contributors of separated families. By helping create a stronger environment for families, not just vulnerable children, it can strengthen the family unit and be preserved for generations.

Without Help,
These Children's
Futures Look Bleak

What happens when children aren’t receiving the ongoing social, emotional, and physical support they need to thrive? Imagine children as young as 14 aging-out of orphanages and being solely responsible for finding a way to survive. Children aren’t supposed to raise themselves; they need ongoing support to help them thrive and escape the threats of poverty, crime, exploitation, and hopelessness.

At any time, the right support can be a turning point for at-risk and orphaned children.

Commit Suicide
70% of Boys
Enter A Life of
40% of Girls
50% of Deaths
Under Age 5
Are Due to

How You Can Help

Unite A Family

Give a child with special needs a chance to grow up in a loving family through adoption.

Sponsor A Child

Provide nutrition, medical care, education, and encouragement to an orphaned child.

Be An Advocate

Volunteer and spread awareness
for children in need worldwide.