To help sustain our life-changing work, a longtime orphan advocate in the Midwest region has generously committed to a matching gift of $25,000 to meet the goal and ensure that every child knows they will be chosen again, and again, and again. All donations will be matched up to $25,000 from now until October 31st!


“And then I saw you and said, ‘there’s my son’. And a huge grin spreads over his face and he says, ‘you chose me mom.’ And with tears in my eyes I think to myself, ‘and I would choose you again, and again, and again.’”
– Mother of an Adoption Grant Recipient

It is humbling that a grassroots organization in a small-town, that was born from the tragic loss of an adoptee and is 100% supported by a community of givers, has managed to unite 1,531 children with loving families, and has pulled thousands of others out of hopelessness, through investment in direct orphan care and community initiatives that encourage family preservation. 

Some Of The Successes

49 students who were once frail and timid orphans are now on the road to become college graduates with professional careers.

We have witnessed a little boy who was confined to his bed, unable to sit from years of medical neglect. He is now gaining strength and, with the help of a walker, can now take steps and laugh with his friends.

A little girl jumped into her parents’ arms, because they chose her and YOU made it possible. 
It is an indescribable feeling– to be personally chosen to be intentionally blessed. That is true–not only for the children you helped unite with families, but also for the kiddos in our partnered children’s homes and the families in our communities. We’ve worked hard to create that same feeling, to instill in these hurting children that they are precious, worthy, and intentionally blessed. We hope you too feel great about what you have achieved with us. With our deep gratitude, we ask you to choose Brittany’s Hope again. 


Needed Support

You personally selected to give to the children and families we support. We are intentional about not repeatedly asking for donations, but we do rely on your unrelenting support. This annual request provides 20% of our donor funds. This year we must raise $126,000 to fill the financial gap and the needs of the children, families, and communities we serve.  

Levels of Support

$1,000 – Medical Supporter

$2,500 – Adoption Advocate

$5,000 – Housing Hero

$10,000 – Education & Nutrition Champion

$___ – Brittany’s Hope Friend, any Gift Is Appreciated

Donate and Choose Them Again