Committed to the Betterment of Children’s Lives

Change You Created

This past year you helped Brittany’s Hope create miracles –  giving kids a sense of security and the ability to learn, grow, and thrive in their own environments. Thanks to your support, children have been able to explore their passions, families have been conserved, and communities empowered. These tremendous triumphs couldn’t have been accomplished without YOU!

Browse below to see the impact that your support has brought to fruition.

Adoption Grants

Kids Home in 2023


Family is a vital piece to survival and you have been an integral part of strengthening its fabric and through international lockdowns and travel bans your support has helped unite children with their forever families.


Children Home from 8 Different Countries in 2021

1,450 Kids Home Since 2000

Children Home from 34 Different Countries Since 2000

Family Support

Families Impacted


Not only have your gifts impacted individual children, but they have also made a positive impact in their family and the communities around them.

8,799 Children Prospering Within Families

2,373 Families Received Disaster Relief

41 Family Enterprises Started

1,316 Gardens & Livestock Invested

11 Homes Built

2,363 Families Received Food Relief

Child Sponsorship

Children Supported


Kids living in our partnered transitional children’s homes have cherished their relationship with their sponsors. Through your advocacy, these children have overcome adversity through national lockdowns and still were able to continue their education and pursue their passions and hobbies.


31 Students Pursuing College Education

43 Computers Given to Students

2,088 Children Receiving Education Support

934 Letters Exchanged

$61,000 Invested in Safe Transportation to School

363 Children Received Medical Treatments & Vaccines

We understand that giving is a very personal choice and we promise to be the best possible stewards of your passion, time, and gifts. For a .pdf version of our 2021 impact report or to view our other financials, we invite you to see our Accountability page.

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