Ella’s Senior Passion Project

Please join me in building a home, transforming the life of a family, and keeping children at home and out of orphanage care.

In 2019, my Mom and I had the opportunity to join Brittany’s Hope on a service trip, where I had the opportunity to learn firsthand how the lack of access to adequate safe housing and basic resources, further fuels the orphan crisis. Struggling families, particularly single moms, sometimes resort to relinquishing their children to orphanage care.  In the same breadth, I also witnessed the transformation and result when we, as a community(global and local), come together. With the investment of  $7,000 we managed to construct a home for a single mom and her 3 young children in the South Central Coast of Viet Nam. With helping hands, this family remained together, safe and sound, under one roof.

Witnessing the impact closely, I am motivated to design my Senior Passion Project around Home Builds through Brittany’s Hope, hope, where I am proud to say that 100% of all gifts go directly to supporting life transforming projects. For this project my goal is to help fund a home build for a family in need of housing.  Please join me in my pursuit to raise $7,000 and transform the life of a family forever.


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