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Today we are celebrating all the ways that—because of donors like you–Brittany’s Hope has redefined the futures of orphaned and at-risk children—children who have been transformed, families who have been preserved, communities that have been uplifted, and the families, like Sayali’s, who have been united through adoption. There are more children waiting to have their futures redefined.

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A Message from Our Creative Coordinator

(Rachel) Sayali Yoder
Adoptee, India 2002
Creative Coordinator

Dear Vested Supporters,

The impossible is possible when a community comes together and compassion is in motion.

My first name is Rachel, but many of you know me as Sayali. I want to share my personal sentiment with you, the very community who uplifted so many orphans’ lives, including my own. With a steadfast ‘yes’ from my tenacious mom, my supportive dad, the help of a Brittany’s Hope adoption grant, and prayers from the adoption community — I came home to my forever family in 2002, making me Brittany’s Hope’s 2nd granted child out of 1,526 who have come home so far.  

Born with many health complications, and having the opportunity to return to my birth country as a young adult, I am keenly aware how my life has forever been redefined by adoption and the community of donors who graciously donated 21 years ago. 

With each personal accomplishment, I am brought back to the humbling reality of how fortunate I truly am. Fortunate because adoption has given me the best life I could ever imagine. Being born without arms and legs, and having undergone over 20 surgeries, I was told the odds of mobility and having a quality of life would be limited. Perhaps it is my strong will; my life is now full doing the very things that (to others) seemed impossible, like walking a 5K to support international adoptions, creating full short films and newsletters, such as this one, working toward two master’s degrees, and public speaking. 

It just proves that when a child is uplifted and surrounded with care and support — the impossible becomes possible.

What is satisfying is I am the same little girl you helped years ago, who is back at Brittany’s Hope, yet again, launching my professional career as the team’s Creative Coordinator.

Now arm and arm with Mai-Lynn, another adoptee and Brittany’s sister, together with the team, we spotlight the important mission of Brittany’s Hope to amplify the potential of the children who are tragically overlooked. Statistically, neither one of us should even be here. But we are here because people like you rallied for us and because our parents were willing to take a chance and love us. Seeing the picture of us, on the cover, gives me great gratification; two adoptees advocating for the world’s orphans. 

My future has been redefined, coming full circle. I now have the privilege to pay it forward to you and the people who supported me, to help others redefine their futures. The following pages are stories of other transformations, designed by none other than the little girl YOU invested in 21 years ago. 

With Heartfilled Appreciation, 



Redefining Family



“Live in the moment. If you wait for the ideal moment, it may never come.”

Marcou and Kateryna learned this message during the pandemic. While blessed with biological children, something inside kept telling them they would adopt someday. They decided to make it a matter of prayer and not wait for the ‘ideal moment.’ They thought they would adopt a baby or young toddler, but after watching an emotional video online of an older boy being adopted, they felt called to adopt an older child. They learned how older orphans (particularly older boys) are in danger of “aging out” of the system without ever finding their family. Their hearts were moved and felt destined to add Juan to their active household and gained a feeling of love they cannot explain.

In 2021, Marcou and Kateryna had the opportunity to host Juan for six weeks over the summer, through a Colombian hosting program. There was so much joy and happiness in those short six weeks, but it was

heart-breaking when he had to leave. It was a life-changing experience that made Juan wonder if he would finally have a family.

International adoption can be challenging, but Marcou and Kateryna know of personal struggles and how to persevere. They both came to America in their twenties, Marcou from Egypt, and Kateryna from Ukraine. The language barrier and new culture would not stop them, as they studied, earned degrees, and began their careers. Soon, they began the adoption process, which was complicated by the fact that they were not born in the US, and Juan was older than their birth children. But nothing was going to stand in their way of bringing their son home, not even fees of an international adoption. 

Adoption was one of the most difficult processes we have ever gone through and knowing that someone was willing to help during those challenging times was very encouraging. We are very appreciative of Brittany’s Hope.” 

Juan came home from Colombia in October 2022, and is now busily immersed with his family, school, and soccer. The entire family is overwhelmed with love and they cannot imagine life without Juan. We are elated to gain another local Brittany’s Hope recipient family! 

The moment is now for kids like Juan to come home. 

Please give to an adoption grant today.



Redefining Fun

Join Brittany’s Hope on Sunday, September 10, 2023, as we bring together two of our most anticipated events: Biking for Brittany and the Walk of Love. This exciting day will engage our community and celebrate the beautiful journey of adoption. 

Cyclists of all skill levels will embark on a memorable journey, choosing between a metric century or metric half-century route. The scenic path takes riders from the Historic Star Barn Village, along breathtaking waterfronts of the Susquehanna River, through rolling hills, and picturesque landscapes of Elizabethtown, Hershey, and the surrounding counties. Biking for Brittany is not timed, allowing participants to enjoy the ride at their own pace, regardless of their choice of bike, be it an e-bike or a race bike. Everyone is welcome!

In conjunction with the cycling event, we will host our annual Walk of Love at the Star Barn Village. This year, we are thrilled to introduce the Kids’ Fun Run as an exciting addition. The event promises a day filled with family-friendly activities, including a live performance by Steven Courtney and the Suitcase Musicians! As we come together to Celebrate Adoption, we will also advocate for the children who are still waiting for their forever families. 

Enjoy the day and bring a picnic lunch, or purchase refreshments from participating food trucks. There will also be fantastic prizes for the winners of the Kids’ Fun Run and the top fundraisers, adding an extra element of excitement to this joyful celebration!

If you are unable to join us on September 10the, there are still plenty of ways to show your support. You can participate virtually by joining the ride or walk, contribute by fundraising for the event, become a corporate sponsor, or make a donation to a cyclist or walker. Every dollar raised will directly benefit our programs at Brittany’s Hope, ultimately bringing more families together and changing lives.

Biking for Brittany and the Walk of Love represent the power of community, the beauty of adoption, and the unwavering support for children in need. Mark your calendars for September 10the and join us as we pedal and walk together, spreading love, hope, and the joy of adoption.

$55 – In Person or Virtual Bike Ride
$15 – In Person or Virtual Walk

Ways You Can Participate:

  • Sign up for the in-person or virtual ride or walk
  • Support a rider, or walker, through their fundraising efforts
  • Spread the word on social media

You can register and learn more about the ride below.



Redefining Accessibility

         Bao walking independently 

When we visited our partnered Children’s Home in Ha Tinh Village in Viet Nam this past December, Bao walked out to greet us with a huge smile on his face and a glow of pride surrounding him. The years he had spent confined to his room because of his disability were behind him. Now he walked forward, by himself, because of the Adaptive Living Quarters you and other Brittany’s Hope supporters made possible. The fully equipped physical therapy room, adaptive furniture, and staff trained by volunteer licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists, helped redefine the future of Bao and his peers; many of whom could not eat, speak, or sit on their own. Now they too, are glowing. 

Sadly, when we visited our Ben Tre Children’s Home, a children’s home for abandoned and abused children situated in the Mekong Delta region, the children similar to Bao, are still bound to their beds. This particular home lacks the needed resources, necessary equipment, and proper training to accommodate the children’s disabilities. The potential these children have is immense, we know there is hope, but they need your assistance.

We have been blessed with a relationship from a committed local partner who is constructing a community health clinic to provide access to health care for these children with special needs and the community. There is space available to construct and furnish an Adaptive Clinic.

The goal is to use the successful model at Ha Tinh Village and mirror it for the children at Ben Tre Children’s Home and the community.

This is where we need your help. An adaptive room has been constructed, but what we still need are the tools for the children: 

    Adaptive furniture, to enable the children to gain independence 

    A fully equipped physical therapy and common area for the children to experience the joy of play and movement

    A trained professional to help develop basic living skills

This Adaptive Clinic will provide dignity to children who are hidden and have very dark prospects for their futures. It will allow these precious children to flourish – allowing them to eat, sit, communicate, and walk on their own. 

Please give to shed a brilliant light on their futures…futures waiting to be redefined. 

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