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Across the globe, orphanages are potential breeding grounds for COVID 19. Struggling single mothers in Viet Nam no longer have the income to feed their children. And, in a terrible twist of fate, our children in Kenya and Ethiopia, who are already exposed to health dangers, face massive food insecurity due to floods and the worst locust infestation in 70 years. In this global crisis, we cannot stand by and let natural disasters & a pandemic ravage the lives of defenseless children.

We recognize the sacrifices it takes to give, especially in times of uncertainty. More than ever, we need your support to sustain our programs to respond to these urgent needs.

How You Can Help

Unite A Family

Give a child with special needs a chance to grow up in a loving family through adoptions.

Sponsor A Child

Provide nutrition, medical care, education and encouragement to an orphaned child.

Be An Advocate

Volunteer and spread awareness
for the children in need worldwide.

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