Another Child Home: Pia

From Her Parents in 2011- I recall hearing the expression, “you won’t remember what it was like before you have your child” and I can honestly say I truly feel that way with Pia.  It is hard to remember life before she was in all of ours.

When she first came home from Korea, we wondered how she would translate to English, since she had a very large Korean vocabulary.  Little did we know learning to speak English wouldn’t be a problem at all, as she loves to talk! She has created this amazing bond with her ‘oppa’, big brother that is an awe-inspiring phenomenon to have the pleasure of watching grow and flourish over time.  She has taken on her role as a little sister so seamlessly.

Pia is a happy, smart and loving little girl.  Adding her to our family has been an amazing blessing, as our days are brighter and our lives are surrounded with joy and happiness.