Gratitude For My Sponsors

Dear Dr. Clayton, Monica & Brittany’s Hope Foundation,

Every time I go to my bed I think about the transformation in my life, it starts from zero and is heading to hero. Then I think about the people and the organizations that are actually behind this move. Without them, whatever dedication, whatever effort I would have made would have led to nothing; being a doctor would have been nothing more than a dream. Now I am studying medicine. There are only two years between me and my life dream of being a doctor.

Currently I am living in small room and I cook for myself. I consider myself to be very blessed, because I have the support from you, Brittany’s Hope and the Catholic Sisters and Priest in Addis Ababa.

As you already know, medicine it is the most expensive area of study in this country. I think it is probably the most expensive study around the whole world. Surely I cannot afford this, so who is paying for this? It is Brittany’s Hope Foundation and Dr. Clayton and Mrs. Monica.

Medicine is the most tireless study. There’s a bunch of books and handouts to read and long lectures to attend. It takes a lot of effort to succeed, but it is worth it.

So whom should I thank every time I go to my bed every time I realize the achievements in my life? It is you. I am eager to finish my studies and start to inspire kids who are like me, those kids who have big dreams and no power to do it by themselves. I want to do this because I know how it feels to have someone who supports you. I am eager to be that someone for many kids and help them turn their dreams into reality. Thank you once again and God Bless you all!!!

Yours truly,

Yohannes (John)