You may not have been personally involved with Brittany’s Hope in 2007, but all of you love children and want to improve their futures.

A mere 13 years ago, a $15,000 grant was placed on Gytis, who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, to help garner more interest in finding his forever family. This month, he turned 18 and his life is simply amazing!

“We are thankful to God, Gytis celebrated his 18th birthday! Thank you for remembering him. Thanks for giving him the chance for a new life and a family. New medication has been life changing for him. He won’t graduate from high school until next year, but he has a bright future as a car mechanic. He is quite good and amazes us with all of his car knowledge! He works part-time with a mechanic and absolutely loves it. ”     

From living in a Lithuanian orphanage, to a forever family in TN, to becoming a mechanic – you’re still making kids’ dreams come true! Thank you for continuing to open up your hearts to these precious children…you truly are making a difference in their lives and in return, they are making a difference in the world.