A Look Back: Lee Evan

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the international travel ban, another month has gone by, without having another child come home. However, there is good news to share!

It was 12 years ago this month, when Lee came home to his forever family and as you can see from his megawatt smile, he is thriving!

“We hope you’re doing well in these crazy times we’re living in! I’m sure the pandemic has affected your ministry and personal lives in uncountable ways, as it has in most everyone’s lives. Our house in TX closed the end of January and we moved to the Atlanta, GA area. We rented the month of February while the home we had purchased began the renovation process. We literally moved in our home just days before the shutdown. We are so thankful to be in the house, but also overwhelmed with the current situation. We continue to pray for peace amidst all of it, as we are certain we’re right where we’re called to be right now. GA is home to me; I was raised in GA and went to UGA. We wanted to make certain you received our new address. All of you have been so diligent in reaching out to Lee on each of his birthdays.”

In times of uncertainty, families are reaching out to let us know they are thinking of us and hope we are navigating these difficult times with success. Always remember, when you work together, anything is possible.

“Lee is doing so well! He is growing into such a fine, young man. He is now 14-years-old and just started 8th grade (we home school which has been an extra blessing in recent days). He does incredibly well academically and is taking online, live coding courses which he loves. He has also become a Lego enthusiast. He is learning to play golf, despite his physical handicaps. He continues to be joyful at most all times! Thanks again for helping us receive such an immense gift of life. Blessings to all of you!”

You’ve provided so many children and their families so much needed happiness and now they just want to give a little of it back. Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.