Another Child Home: Maverick

From His Family- Greetings from Minnesota, the new home for Maverick. We cannot say thank you enough for all of your hard work to bring him to us. Thank you to all of the people who took part of this journey with our family, especially Brittany’s Hope without whose grant the adoption would not have […]

Another Child Home: Amelie

Amelie’s mother shares the joys of parenting a driven young girl with Autism in 2011- Amelie arrived home from Haiti in late November of 2008. She had just turned five. Amelie has autism and global delays. She was, at that time, nonverbal and lacked potty training. Today, Amelie tells knock knock jokes. She is 100% […]

Children Home: Nasko & Sevdalin

From Their Family in 2011- The end of January marked the end of our first year with Nasko and Sevdalin as part of our family. This year has been full of ups and downs for them, us and our biological children. When we first brought the boys home, they had no ability to communicate with […]

Another Child Home: Pia

From Her Parents in 2011- I recall hearing the expression, “you won’t remember what it was like before you have your child” and I can honestly say I truly feel that way with Pia.  It is hard to remember life before she was in all of ours. When she first came home from Korea, we […]